Pilgrims in Aztlan Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe Loreto and what he does to make money.

Loreto is an 80-year-old Yaqui Indian who washes cars for money, lives in pain but conducts himself with pride.

2. Who does Loreto run into in the first scene in the book?

He runs into a well-dressed, wealthy couple on their way to church. The man made his money as a corrupt politician and by pimping his wife to gain position. His wife is a former prostitute. The both feign being good Christians.

3. Who is Malguerida and what does the name mean?

Her name means "the unloved". She is aggressive and harsh and has no friends, though she's beautiful. She is bitter because of her life as a whore.

4. Why hasn't Loreto had food for three days in the beginning of the book and what does he finally do?

Several little kids have taken Loreto's spot and all the people give them money out of pity though they don't do a good job of washing cars. Loreto finally washes Tony Baba's care without asking first and earns twenty-five cents.

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