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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1 pp. 1 - 42.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Tony Baba's grandmother show herself as truly villainous?
(a) She verbally abuses her workers.
(b) She curses God.
(c) She turns a cold shoulder to a poor pregnant relative.
(d) She has her workers deported to avoid paying them.

2. What did the married couple Loreto met on their way to church do all day long?
(a) They took siestas all day long.
(b) They preened their appearance.
(c) They sat on their patio drinking margaritas.
(d) They played checkers.

3. Who are the two competitors of Chuco, the champion cotton-picker?
(a) Pelele and a black man.
(b) Geraldo and Juan.
(c) Loreto and Maria.
(d) Kite and Pedro.

4. How often did Mr. and Mrs. Baba bathe?
(a) Once a week.
(b) Once in the morning.
(c) Once in the evening.
(d) Four times a day.

5. After he gives up washing cars, what does Loreto do for money?
(a) He guards cars at night while their owners visit brothels.
(b) He rents temporarily to people who need a temporary home,
(c) He picks cotton in Texas.
(d) He teaches Spanish to gringo tourists.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the name "Malguerida" mean?

2. PILGRIMS IN AZTLAN takes during which decade of the 20th century?

3. What two hobbies did Tony Baba's wife have?

4. Where does the narrator go and what work is he seeking?

5. What was the wealthy man's former occupation?

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