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Objective: The objective of this lesson will be to discuss the character, Loreto. Loreto is the main character in the book and interacts with a number of the other characters. The class will also discuss Chicanos and discuss the preface to the book and how it is helpful in understanding the book.

1) Class discussion: Hold a class discussion about the character, Loreto, in Part 1 pp. 1-42. How does he make a living? Does the
author portray him as a sympathetic character? Discuss the character of Loreto using as much detail as possible: his appearance, his
pride, his interactions with other characters.

2) Have the class do some in-class research on Chicanos on the internet. After they have completed the research, have them write a short general description of Chicanos. Are there any other minorities comparable to the Chicanos? Discuss.

3) Have the class re-read the preface to the book...

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