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Part 1 pp. 1 - 42

• Loreto, an old Yaqui Indian, washes cars for money but suffers hunger and aching limbs.

• He runs into a wealthy couple on their way to church. The man made is money from corrupt politics and pimping his wife.

• The wife is a former prostitute.

• The couple feigns being good Christians but Loreto is proud and declines their charity.

• Another day Loreto runs into Malguerida, whose name means the unloved. She is pretty but bitter and friendless because she was a whore.

• For three days Loreto has no food because young boys take over his spot on the street .

• He decided to wash Tony Baba's car without asking and gets 25 cents.

• Tony Baba is a gringo with a string of restaurants he inherited from his grandmother who hired illegal immigrants for low pay.

• Tony Baba is married to a frigid woman who loves money and her...

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