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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Isaac keep the large larvae in his laboratory?

2. Which of the following groups of people is NOT a group Lin would typically hang out with?

3. What is wrong with Yagharek's wings?

4. What type of insect does Isaac find in his bed when he wakes up in the morning?

5. What day of the week does Lin celebrate her new commission from Mr. Motley?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the crew manage to weave the dream cable throughout the entire city?

2. What type of scientist would Isaac say he is?

3. How do the Garudas react when Isaac comes to visit them in the Sputter?

4. What is the Weaver doing in the Glasshouse?

5. What is Kinken?

6. What project was Dr. Barbile working on before it was cancelled by the government?

7. What is a mafadet and where does Isaac encounter one?

8. How do the members of MontJohn Rescue dress?

9. What is the Glasshouse, and why does Isaac go there?

10. Who is Mr. Motley?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Describe the maturation process for the larva Isaac kept in his laboratory that eventually became the slake moth. What developmental stages did the larva go through? In your opinion, were there warning signs about the terrible creature the larva would become? If so, when? Finally, who do you think should be held responsible for the slake moth attacks? Why? Be sure to include information from the text to help strengthen your argument.

Essay Topic 2

In the opening of the novel, the reader has a very clear impression of Isaac's relationship with Lin. First, describe the relationship between these two characters - why is their relationship unusual? Why is their relationship successful - and then describe how the relationship changes over the course of the novel. In your opinion, in what is the turning point in Isaac's relationship with Lin? Be sure to include examples from the text to help strengthen your arguments.

Essay Topic 3

Throughout the novel, Isaac is obsessed with various aspects of science: biology, chemistry, and physics. Give one example of times when each of these three scientific structures affects Isaac's life and the plot of the novel. In your opinion, which of the three scientific elements is most important to the novel as a whole? Why? Be sure to include examples from the text to help strengthen your arguments.

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