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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why was Benjamin Flex arrested?
(a) For damaging council property.
(b) For stealing from the city kitty.
(c) For supporting strikers.
(d) For overfishing.

2. What type of animal is a mafadet?
(a) A reptile.
(b) A bird.
(c) A fish.
(d) A dog.

3. What is Benjamin Flex' prison sentence?
(a) Parole.
(b) 5-10 years hard labor.
(c) Life imprisonment.
(d) Death.

4. During what season of the year do the slake moths hatch?
(a) Summer.
(b) Spring.
(c) Winter.
(d) Autumn.

5. Who is NOT part of the posse that attempts to speak with Dr. Barbile about the slake moths?
(a) Lemuel.
(b) Lin.
(c) Isaac.
(d) Derkhan.

Short Answer Questions

1. What has David become a spy?

2. Where must Lin travel to purchase colorberries?

3. How was Benjamin Flex tortured?

4. How many slake moths are imprisoned in the abandoned warehouse?

5. From which department of the government does the parliament clerk receive the box of grubs?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do the Garudas react when Isaac comes to visit them in the Sputter?

2. What is a mafadet and where does Isaac encounter one?

3. What does Derkhan Blueday find out about Benjamin Flex through the help of an outside source?

4. What does Lin look like?

5. Why does Isaac suddenly set all his winged laboratory creatures free?

6. Who does the mayor reach out to for help when he hears of the slake moth's attacks?

7. What disagreement do Issac and Yagharek have about the power source that will be used to propel his flight?

8. What project was Dr. Barbile working on before it was cancelled by the government?

9. Upon freeing itself from the laboratory, where does the slake moth head, and how do the townspeople react?

10. Why does the slake moth attack Lumlamai?

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