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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the bar Isaac frequents?
(a) Moon's Daughter.
(b) The White Knight.
(c) Neptune's Son.
(d) The Black Horse.

2. Who is NOT part of the posse that attempts to speak with Dr. Barbile about the slake moths?
(a) Lin.
(b) Lemuel.
(c) Isaac.
(d) Derkhan.

3. Who sells colorberries?
(a) The Khepri Elders.
(b) The Khepri Men.
(c) The Khepri Women.
(d) The Khepri Children.

4. What does Rudgutter give to Weaver as a bribe?
(a) A flintlock pistol.
(b) A pair of scissors.
(c) A spool of yarn.
(d) A sack of gold coins.

5. On what city holiday does Vermishank die?
(a) Familyday.
(b) Chainday.
(c) Candleday.
(d) Loveday.

Short Answer Questions

1. What beverage does Isaac typically drink on his way to work?

2. What subject does Isaac study in depth to help with his new assignment, Yagharek?

3. Which of the following groups of people is NOT a group Lin would typically hang out with?

4. Why was Benjamin Flex arrested?

5. What room number does David frequent while he's in the prostitution part of town?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where does Isaac awaken after being kidnapped by the Weaver?

2. What is a Cactacae?

3. How does Isaac treat Lin after the final slake moth attack?

4. What unexpected visitor stops at Isaac's house following the final slake moth attack?

5. How do the Cactacae feel about the slake moths hiding out in their buildings?

6. What does Lin tell Isaac she must purchase for her in the morning of the novel's first chapter?

7. What are the details of Dr. Barbile's death?

8. How does Isaac feel about seeing the garuda at the circus?

9. How do the Cactacae police react when they see Isaac running through their streets?

10. What is a mafadet and where does Isaac encounter one?

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