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New Crobuzon - This is a huge plague pit within the rib bones of some ancient and extinct creature--a great carcass--is the center of action and focus of the lives of the central characters.

Runagate Rampant - This is a counter-establishment newspaper edited by Benjamin Flex, whose printing press is destroyed by the militia when it puts down a dock strike by the Vodyanoi.

Crisis Machine - The crisis machine is a device invented by Isaac as a means of powering the wings he is under contract to build for Yagharek. The machine uses a hitherto-unknown force called crisis energy Isaac discovers when observing water sculpture created by an inscrutable species of Wyrmen. The machine is threatened with destruction when Mayor Ruddgutter sends his militia to capture Isaac and his friends. Isaac throws the machine in a sack and carries it with him when he runs off...

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