Perdido Street Station Character Descriptions

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Isaac Dan der Grimnebulin

This character is a research biologist who passionately collects a myriad of winged creatures, both animals and insects, for a study of flight.


This character is an insectoid artist who makes paintings by ingesting wild color berries of different hues, and collecting the fluid that is then excreted behind her chitinous head to use as paint.


This character is the avian-human Garuda creature that lost its wings due to crime.

Mr. Motley

This character is the insect-human creature who deals in dreamshit, has multiple mouths, and is capable of speaking out of several at the same time.

Montague Vermishank

This character is the titular head of the university sciences department.

The Remade

These character are a species of third-class citizens cobbled together by New Crobuzon physicians with various body parts encased in a metal covering, somewhat like a jousting knight in armor...

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