Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Rick Riordan
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Essay Topic 1

Percy says that he is not normal. Why is Percy not normal? What are his differences? How do his differences help him overcome challenges and situations that a normal person could not have handled?

Essay Topic 2

Why does Percy not believe in mythological creatures at first? What circumstances and information convince Percy that mythological creatures are real? How does his realization that the creatures are real affect his life?

Essay Topic 3

The novel is fantasy. Why is the novel fantasy rather than science fiction?

Essay Topic 4

Percy, his mom, and Grover are attacked by a Minotaur. What does the Minotaur symbolize about the challenges that Percy will be facing? How does the Minotaur symbolize the costs that Percy and those around him will pay as they face challenges?

Essay Topic 5

Even before Percy is acknowledge as Poseidon’s son, there are indications that Percy might be...

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