Objects & Places from People of the Book

Geraldine Brooks
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The Sarajevo Haggadah

This object in the novel symbolizes the best and worst of human nature as it is saved, shipped, moved, hidden, and nearly destroyed repeatedly throughout its history. It is an illustrated book of Jewish prayer and order regarding Passover Seder that is kept at the National Museum in Sarajevo.

Preservation tools

These objects are used by Hannah to conserve historical documents and include cameras, scalpels, proves, wheat paste, linen threads, gold leaf, gelatin, and glassine envelopes in which to collect physical specimens contained in the documents.

Viennese binding

This aspect of the Jewish text at the center of the novel was created in Austria in 1894 by Mittl, and represents the thematic idea that what appears to be may not actually be so.

Butterfly wing fragment

This clue in the Jewish text is discovered by Hanna and represents freedom and frequent escapes of the Haggadah.

Cat hair

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