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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Wolf begins driving around Grant, what does he have with him?
(a) A police band radio.
(b) A two-way radio.
(c) A taxi sign.
(d) A cell phone.

2. Where is Chee shot by the killer?
(a) In the chest.
(b) In the neck.
(c) In the back.
(d) In the leg.

3. Who visits Chee after the Albuquerque police officer leaves Chee's hospital room?
(a) Agent Colby.
(b) Agent Martin.
(c) Agent Rogers.
(d) Agent Jones.

4. What kind of car is the killer driving?
(a) A Plymouth.
(b) A Ford.
(c) A Buick.
(d) A Chevrolet.

5. In Chapter 25, whom do Chee and Mary visit?
(a) A lawyer.
(b) A private investigator.
(c) An accountant.
(d) A doctor.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Mary and Chee walk to the area where the missing box is supposed to be, what do Mary and Chee find?

2. According to the roustabout's sister-in-law, from what did Tsossie die?

3. What do Navajos typically carry in their leather pouches?

4. According to the person Chee and Mary next visit, how is cancer tracked?

5. Where does Wolf initially go when he leaves town after shooting Chee?

Short Essay Questions

1. As Wolf kills the person who approaches him as he reaches Chee's floor, why does the murder not cause any alarm on the floor?

2. As Chee and Mary leave the roundabout's sister, why does Mary ask Chee to explain what the sister had said?

3. What is so unusual about the men who were part of the roustabout crew, as well as the men in the Charley family?

4. When Chee and Mary find an article discussing the arrest of Dillon Charley in the days after the explosion, what is NOT mentioned?

5. What does Chee learn from the Albuquerque police officer about the killer when the cop comes to Chee's hospital room?

6. According to what Chee tells Mary, how does one become a Navajo witch?

7. After Chee and Mary discover the dead body, why does Chee yell at Mary to run?

8. What does Chee find when he exits his hiding space after the killer has left?

9. After discovering the dead body on the way to where the missing box is supposed to be, how does Chee realize that the killer is still nearby?

10. When Chee has trouble sleeping and sneaks out of his hospital room, what does he discover when he reaches the area he intended to visit?

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