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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Colton Wolf confirm that Jim Chee has checked out of the hospital?
(a) Through the nurses' station.
(b) Through the gift shop.
(c) Through the newspaper.
(d) Through Western Union.

2. According to the roustabout's sister, what happened to several of the men after the explosion?
(a) They had visions.
(b) They began drinking.
(c) They heard voices.
(d) They became ill.

3. What do Mary and Chee plan to do after retrieving the missing box from the malpais?
(a) Picnic.
(b) Elope.
(c) Arrest Tomas.
(d) Call Vines.

4. How does Wolf kill the person who approaches him as he reaches Chee's floor?
(a) Wolf stabs the person.
(b) Wolf strangles the person.
(c) Wolf shoots the person.
(d) Wolf breaks the person's neck.

5. How old is Randolph Charley?
(a) 12.
(b) 21.
(c) 9.
(d) 18.

6. What do Chee and Mary discuss on the way to visit the sister of one of the roustabouts?
(a) The chances Wolf will make another attempt on their lives.
(b) The likelihood of Sena being behind the explosion.
(c) The likelihood of Vines being behind the explosion.
(d) The chances they will find any of the roustabouts alive.

7. According to the woman Chee finds, where is the final roustabout's body located?
(a) Just beyond the town limits.
(b) In a remote canyon.
(c) In the malpais.
(d) Behind the peyote church.

8. How much money does Chee find in Emerson Charley's wallet?
(a) $64.
(b) $7.
(c) $23.
(d) $100.

9. What kind of car is the killer driving?
(a) A Buick.
(b) A Plymouth.
(c) A Chevrolet.
(d) A Ford.

10. Literally, what does "malpais" mean?
(a) Dry country.
(b) Flat land.
(c) Barren land.
(d) Bad country.

11. Why does Chee always watch the face of the people he is questioning?
(a) Lying makes people shift their eyes.
(b) Lying makes people nervous.
(c) Lying makes people grin.
(d) Lying makes people sweat.

12. When Wolf calls Chee's station from the road, whom does Wolf pretend to be?
(a) Chee's uncle.
(b) Chee's brother.
(c) An old friend.
(d) An FBI agent.

13. According to the newspaper articles Chee and Mary read at the library, how many oil company employees were originally thought to have been killed in the oil well explosion?
(a) 4.
(b) 6.
(c) 2.
(d) 8.

14. About how long is Chee in his hiding place before realizing the killer has left?
(a) Ten minutes.
(b) Eight minutes.
(c) Three minutes.
(d) Five minutes.

15. What is the name of the person Chee and Mary visit with in Chapter 25?
(a) Elizabeth.
(b) Eleanor.
(c) Edith.
(d) Ezra.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Navajos typically carry in their leather pouches?

2. When Chee wakes up in his hospital room, what program is showing, albeit without the sound, on the television in Chee's hospital room?

3. Who sees the Wolf talking to the person Wolf is about to kill?

4. As Wolf drives away from the malpais, how much over the speed limit does Wolf drive?

5. When Chee and Mary cannot locate the final roustabout, where do they find his relative?

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