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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For what agency does the bacteriologist at the beginning of the novel work?
(a) Cancer Research and Treatment Center.
(b) St. Jude's Research Hospital
(c) Centers for Disease Control.
(d) National Institutes of Health.

2. How does B.J Vines characterize the oil well explosion?
(a) As a surprise.
(b) As a conspiracy.
(c) As an accident.
(d) As a mistake.

3. Where was B.J. Vines when he got sick and had to be flown to a hospital?
(a) Hawaii.
(b) Mexico.
(c) Alaska.
(d) Russia.

4. When Chee finds the home of the person he is looking for, the person is not there. To whom does Chee speak?
(a) The person's aunt.
(b) The person's nephew.
(c) The person's uncle.
(d) The person's son.

5. How does the bacteriologist characterize the parking lot she has been watching for several years from her lab's window?
(a) Stressful.
(b) Competitive.
(c) Even.
(d) Harried.

6. What is the name of the mine from which the uranium is being mined?
(a) Red Dawn.
(b) Red Deuce.
(c) Red Night.
(d) Red Herring.

7. How much additional money does Rosemary Vines offer to pay Chee when he returns the missing box?
(a) $2,000.
(b) $1,000.
(c) $1,500.
(d) $2,500.

8. What does Chee learn when he finally finds the person he is looking for?
(a) Gordo Sena stole the box.
(b) Rosemary Vines stole the box.
(c) Tomas Charley stole the box.
(d) B.J. Vines stole the box.

9. To whom does Colton Wolf talk at the hospital to confirm the information he received during the cautious phone call?
(a) Mrs. Dwyer.
(b) Mrs. Byers.
(c) Mrs. Cryer.
(d) Mrs. Myers.

10. After renting the vehicle, where does Wolf first drive?
(a) The mall.
(b) A deserted area.
(c) Long-term parking.
(d) Campus parking.

11. As Chapter 8 opens, where is Colton Wolf?
(a) In his trailer.
(b) On a train.
(c) In his car.
(d) On a plane.

12. According to rumor, what was Sena's mother planning to leave to Sena's older brother?
(a) The ranch.
(b) The car.
(c) The jewelry.
(d) The money.

13. According to Mrs. Vines, who stole the missing box?
(a) The Yataalii.
(b) The Skinwalker Clan.
(c) The People of the Night.
(d) The People of Darkness.

14. According to Chee's predecessor, whose relationship with the tribal police was destroyed after the oil well explosion?
(a) Dillon Charley.
(b) Henry Becenti.
(c) Gordo Sena.
(d) B.J. Vines.

15. Whose tombstone stands just off from the Vines' garage?
(a) Sarah Vines.
(b) Benjamin Vines.
(c) Dillon Charley.
(d) Emerson Charley.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Chee takes Mary home, whose truck is still parked in the auction's parking lot?

2. According to what Rosemary Vines tells Chee, how did Dillon Charley die?

3. After finishing with his interview, where does Chee invite Mary?

4. Whose brother was killed in the explosion at the oil well?

5. What is Colton Wolf's hobby?

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