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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-4)


The early pages of People of Darkness introduce the reader to several of the characters that will play crucial roles later on in the story, such as Jim Chee, Rosemary, and B.J. Vines, Sheriff Gordo Sena, and the peyote church members known as the People of Darkness. These early pages not only introduce the characters but also develop their past histories. The object of this lesson plan is to examine how the author uses various methods to develop his main characters, so they are "real" to his readers.


1. Small Group Discussion: Discuss methods used in character development. Are all of these methods equally as good in all situations? Why or why not? What plot lines dictate how effective character development methods are? Based on your small group's discussion, critique the author's use of character development techniques in our story. What could Hillerman have done...

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