People of Darkness Character Descriptions

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Jim Chee - This college-educated character is a police officer with the tribal police.

Rosemary Vines - This character hires the protagonist to find a box believed to have been stolen by an Indian man.

B.J. Vines - This character discovered a large vein of uranium under the town.

Dillon Charley - This character was the leader of a peyote church and warned his people to stay away from the oil well the night before the well exploded.

Emerson Charley - This character takes over the peyote church after the church leader dies.

Tomas Charley - This character admits to the protagonist that he stole the missing box.

Gordo Sena - This character is the sheriff of Grant.

Colton Wolf - This character is a hired killer who steals a corpse.

Mary Landon - This character is a white teacher whom the protagonist meets at a...

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