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Chapters 1-4

• Jim Chee has recently taken his exams to enter the FBI.

• Chee cannot decide if he wants to enter the white man's world (by joining the FBI) or staying in the Navajo world (and become a Navajo yataalii).

• Looking out the window of her lab, a bacteriologist sees an Indian man park his truck in a reserved parking spot.
• While she watches, a blond man comes up to the truck and leaves a paper sack in the truck bed.

• A short while later, a wrecker arrives to tow the truck away.

• When the wrecker lifts the truck, the truck explodes.

• Chee arrives at the Vines' home, he sees two graves next to the garage, one of which says "A good Indian."
• When Chee reads the epitaph, he remembers General Sheridan's line about how the only good Indian is a dead Indian.

• Inside the Vines' home, Chee...

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