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Jennifer L. Holm
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Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following causes Penny to awake from her dream?

2. What does Pop-pop ask Mr. Mulligan?

3. What does Penny's mother do for a living?

4. What does Frankie offer to do for Uncle Paulie?

5. Why do Eleanor and Me-me leave the dining room during their dinner with Mr. Mulligan, Penny, and Pop-pop?

Short Essay Questions

1. According to the text in Chapter 9 of the book, what contributes toward Penny storming out of the house on Saturday afternoon when Mr. Mulligan stops by to watch the ball game on television with her?

2. According to the narrative in Chapter 17 of the book, how do Penny's relatives make her feel special while she is in the hospital?

3. Based on the narrative in Chapter 15 of the book, what contributes to Penny spending a perfect day with Uncle Dominic some time after she is grounded for having disobeyed Me-me's order of not going to the public pool with Frankie?

4. According to the narrative in the twelfth chapter of the book, how does Frankie attempt to turn Aunt Concetta's wake into what he considers to be a fun event for himself?

5. According to the text in Chapters 4 and 5 of the book, what action by Penny's mother leads Penny to believe that her mother is now in a happier mood than Penny has ever known her to be?

6. Based on the narrative in the first chapter of the book, how are Penny and her Uncle Dominic "different" from other baseball fans in their community?

7. Based on the text in Chapters 7 and 8 of the book, do Pop-pop and Penny buy anything while they are out for a walk?

8. According to the text in Chapter 20 of the book, do any pleasant things or occurrences take place in Penny's life upon her return from the hospital?

9. According to the text in Chapter 17 of the book, what happens in relation to those who visit Penny as she continues her stay in the hospital?

10. Based on the narrative in Chapter 14 of the book, why has Frankie decided to run to Penny's house and hide there?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Around Penny's twelfth birthday, Penny's mother tells her that she received her first piece of jewelry - a pearl necklace - on her own twelfth birthday. Is there an element of foreshadowing in that scenario in the book? If so, what other scenario can be paired with the foregoing one that would support foreshadowing to have occurred? Is there a corresponding event or scenario that parallels the one of Penny's mother telling her about having received the pearl necklace on her twelfth birthday? If so, does the corresponding event or scenario illustrate foreshadowing? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

During Penny's stay in the hospital, Mr. Mulligan visits her, and the two begin a daily meeting of the minds in relation to the news of the day, which Mr. Mulligan shares with Penny via the newspaper. That series of events presents Penny with a pleasant personality traits of Mr. Mulligan that she was not familiar with, and that she learns to appreciate. Looking back at some of the things that Penny did to dissuade Mr. Mulligan from remaining romantically involved with her mother, such as being cross with him and lying to him about her mother having hit her, can Penny's new outlook toward him be based more on her desire for reconciliation, or on her finally accepting that a new man in both her life and that of her mother's may be inevitable and imminent? Cite text and/or paraphrase scenarios from the book to support your position.

Essay Topic 3

Penny's father's family is large and fun-loving while the family of Penny's mother's is small in number and reserved. Overall, which side of Penny's family - her father's side; or her mother's side seems to influence Penny the most? What side of the family does she have the tendency to like and listen to more? Her mother's side? Or her father's side? Cite examples from the book to support your position.

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