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Jennifer L. Holm
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is going to work alongside Penny as she handles her job?
(a) Jack.
(b) Marty.
(c) Peter.
(d) Frankie.

2. Which of the following is Penny's real first name?
(a) Melanie.
(b) Barbara.
(c) Sarah.
(d) Ruth.

3. Who is Uncle Ralphie's wife?
(a) Aunt Annie.
(b) Aunt Fulvia.
(c) Aunt Gina.
(d) Aunt Claire.

4. Where are Penny and her father in her dream?
(a) At the beach.
(b) At the circus.
(c) At the zoo.
(d) At the park.

5. What does Penny pay for with earnings from her job?
(a) A new hairbrush and mirror set for her mother.
(b) Medicine for Nonny.
(c) Part of the household finances.
(d) A spring bouquet of flowers for Me-me.

6. Where will Penny's family be going for summer vacation?
(a) To Disneyland.
(b) To her Aunt Francine's and Uncle Donald's.
(c) To the Grand Canyon.
(d) To her Aunt Leta's and Uncle Earlon's.

7. What decade is the setting for this story?
(a) 1930's.
(b) 1980's.
(c) 1920's.
(d) 1950's.

8. Who was nicknamed "the Water Boy"?
(a) Uncle Salvatore.
(b) Mr. Mulligan.
(c) Grandfather Falucci.
(d) Uncle Dominic.

9. What color is Pop-pop painting all of the furniture?
(a) Grey.
(b) Green.
(c) Brown.
(d) Black.

10. What happens when Penny tries to stop the dog from chasing the animal inside the house?
(a) Penny falls head first into a can of paint.
(b) Penny trips and lands on top of the sofa.
(c) A chair is flipped over.
(d) The china on top of the table is toppled and broken.

11. What does Pop-pop ask Mr. Mulligan?
(a) What he dislikes the most about his job.
(b) How many times he has been married.
(c) What he appreciates the most about his job.
(d) Whether he plans to marry his daughter.

12. Who offers Penny and her co-worker cookies and lemonade?
(a) Mrs. Chickalos.
(b) Mrs. Morelli.
(c) Mrs. Giaquinto.
(d) Mrs. Wiederhorn.

13. Which of the following has a large dog?
(a) Mrs. Chickalos.
(b) Mrs. Wiederhorn.
(c) Mrs. Giaquinto.
(d) Mrs. Morelli.

14. What baseball position does Frankie ask Penny to play?
(a) Catcher.
(b) Third Base.
(c) Pitcher.
(d) Shortstop.

15. How old is the baby brother of Penny's co-worker?
(a) One year old.
(b) Two months old.
(c) Three weeks old.
(d) Six months old.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is arguing while Penny is working on the laundry?

2. What type of action do Penny and her co-worker take against the dog that chases them down the road?

3. Which of Penny's birthdays is coming up?

4. What state is the setting of the story?

5. What is Frankie lamenting in relation to Penny?

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