Objects & Places from Penny from Heaven

Jennifer L. Holm
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Magic Bean

This object is given to Penny by her Uncle Dominic. Her uncle tells Penny that his original intent was to give the same object to her father.

1940 Roadking Plymouth

This object is positioned in Penny's paternal grandmother's front yard. It is most special to Penny and her Uncle Dominic.


This object is supposed to be delivered to Mrs. Morelli by Penny and her Uncle Ralphie. However it ends up being "delivered" to Mrs. Morelli's dog.


This object leaks and Penny calls her Uncle Dominic to fix it. Time after time, Penny's Uncle Dominic fixes this object; and his repetitive willingness and success in fixing this object somehow provide Penny with a sense of security.


This object is one that Penny cherishes. She offers it to Frankie, who initially accepts it; but then turns it down upon recognizing the basis for Penny's offer.

Butter Pecan Ice Cream

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