Penny from Heaven Character Descriptions

Jennifer L. Holm
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Barbara Ann Falucci (Penny) - This character is between 11 and 12 years old, and lives with a parent and maternal grandparents.

Frankie - This character is young, and seems to get in trouble quite a bit throughout the book.

Uncle Dominic - This character shows a lot of strength, compassion, reliability, and support for the younger set throughout the story.

Eleanor - This character works at the truck factory, meets a mate, and gets married.

Mr. Pat Mulligan - This character has a respectable job, finds a mate, and settles down.

Uncle Ralphie - This character owns a butcher shop, is known to be generous, but has a spouse who is quite the opposite.

Me-me - This character handles a lot of the family cooking, but seldom if ever receives compliments for the effort.

Pop-pop - This character believes it possible to converse with a deceased nephew via...

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