Penny from Heaven Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Jennifer L. Holm
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Chapters 1 and 2

• An adolescent, Penny lives in mid-'50's New Jersey with her mother and maternal grandparents.

• She has always been and still is inquisitive about the circumstances surrounding her father's death years before.

• Her inability to get answers to her questions on that subject lead Penny to think about death and Heaven often.
• An eccentric of sorts, Penny's Uncle Dominic lives in a car that is parked on her paternal grandmother's yard.

• Penny and her Uncle Dominic share an avid interest in baseball, and spend a lot of time focusing on their favorite team.

• Penny's life with her mother and maternal grandparents is fairly routine with her mother working, and her grandmother handling the cooking.

• Penny meanwhile, is about to start a new job at her Uncle Ralphie's meat market.

Chapter 3

• Penny begins her new meat market job with her generous Uncle Ralphie, and her frugal Aunt...

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