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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why was the old Pegasus Bridge replaced?
(a) The amount of structural damage on the original bridge.
(b) The original bridge was too narrow for modern cars.
(c) To allow bigger ships to pass.
(d) New construction in the area.

2. Who took over patrolling duties at the bridges after their arrival?
(a) E Company.
(b) 7th Battalion.
(c) 6th Regiment.
(d) 5th Division.

3. Who lit flares to guide the paratroopers to their drop zones?
(a) Renegade German soldiers.
(b) Pathfinders.
(c) Path locators.
(d) Farmers.

4. What was made depicting the action at the bridges?
(a) Children stories.
(b) Comic books.
(c) Books.
(d) Numerous movies.

5. Who from Company C was ordered to report to the beaches from Company D?
(a) The machine gunners.
(b) The glider pilots.
(c) The doctors.
(d) Howard.

6. What was Von Luck waiting for to counterattack with the full force of the 21st Panzer?
(a) Daylight.
(b) Permission to do so.
(c) To have an accurate picture of what was going on.
(d) To finish his breakfast.

7. What was lost during the paratroop drop on June 6?
(a) Their light ammunition.
(b) The communications equipment.
(c) Their water.
(d) Their anti-tank guns.

8. How many complete glider groups were present when Howard called for a platoon leader meeting?
(a) Two complete glider groups.
(b) Three complete glider groups.
(c) No complete glider groups.
(d) One complete glider group.

9. How many soldiers landed in Normandy on June 6th?
(a) 254,000.
(b) 127,000
(c) 25,000.
(d) 369,000.

10. Who fired the Piat weapon?
(a) Poett.
(b) Howard.
(c) Thornton.
(d) Brotheridge.

11. Why was the morale of Howard's men low after D-Day?
(a) They thought they would return to England after their mission.
(b) They had high casualties.
(c) The lack of reconnaissance.
(d) Lack of food and cigarettes.

12. Following his car accident, Howard was hospitalized until __________________.
(a) September, 1944.
(b) December, 1947.
(c) March, 1946.
(d) March, 1945.

13. Why did Howard's special unit shrink after D-Day?
(a) The men died.
(b) The men returned to their regular units.
(c) There were some AWOL soldiers.
(d) A plane carrying part of the Company crashed.

14. What did the Gondrees know about the soldiers by the bridge?
(a) They were Germans.
(b) Nothing.
(c) They were American.
(d) They were British.

15. Where did the Panzers move from on June 6?
(a) Brest.
(b) Lisieux.
(c) Caen.
(d) St. Maran.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who attacked Company D as they moved toward Escoville?

2. How many anti-tank weapons did Howard have?

3. How long did Romer, Hickman, and Erwin hide before surrendering on June,1944?

4. When did Howard retire?

5. What did the Spitfire drop on the men at the bridges on the morning of June 6th?

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