Peer Gynt Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Aase - This character loves his/her son very much and makes many sacrifices for him.

The Button Moulder - This character represents the future and, in a way, death.

The Great Boyg - This character, a shapeless, frightening monster which cannot be conquered, represents the riddle of existence.

Ingrid - This character hides from his/her future spouse at the wedding.

Mountain King's Daughter - This character dresses in green.

Old Man of the Mountain - This character is the parent of the person that the main character seeks to marry.

Peer Gynt - This is the main character who would rather take what he/she wants than work.

Solveig - This character is a young farmer's child who is initially interested in the main character.

Woman in green - This character believes another person's lies and agrees to that person.

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