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Short Answer Questions

1. What does don Pedro initially think that happens to his son?

2. Why does El Tilcuate want to disband his men?

3. What is Damiana's excuse for not having made a novena in so long?

4. When does Miguel first begin having girls procured for him?

5. What is Justina doing as Susana talks to her?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do Angeles and Fausta think Susana doesn't need confess her sins?

2. Why doesn't Abundio's wife get last rites?

3. Describe the memory Susana has in the grave that Juan and Dorotea overhear.

4. When the reader first hears Susana's narrative, where does she think she is?

5. Why doesn't don Pedro's lawyer continue holding his papers after he leaves?

6. How does don Pedro deal with Susana's death?

7. Why is Fulgor Sedano happy about the rain?

8. What happens when the revolutionaries come to don Pedro's house?

9. How does Fulgor compare Miguel to don Pedro?

10. What frustrates don Pedro about Susana?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Eduviges tells Juan that the secret of redemption is to die "when you want to" or else to force God "to take you before your time".

- Why do you think she says this?

- Much of the plot is developed through the stories of the dead. Why do you think Rulfo has ghosts tell the stories? What can we learn from the past? How does this relate to Eduviges' advice?

Essay Topic 2

The women in the novel are very vulnerable characters who often are at the mercy of evil, controlling men. Select at least three of the following characters and analyze their place in the context of the novel:

- Dolores

- Eduviges

- Susana

- Damiana

- Donis' sister

Addressing the following questions:

- How does the character react to her fate?

- How is the character motivated by factors related to her gender?

- How do other characters treat her?

- Overall, do you think women are totally powerless in the novel? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

Juan's descent into Comala is like an ascension into hell. Later the reader learns that Comala's dead remain in the town as a purgatory. Select three of the following characters and explain why their ghosts are stuck in Comala:

- Dorotea

- Eduviges

- Susana

- Juan

- Abundio

Address how each of their stories help the reader learn more about Pedro and his life.

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