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Short Answer Questions

1. In what month does Susana die?

2. What does Susana tell Justina that she believes in?

3. How does Fulgor try to deal with the accusations of murder against Miguel?

4. What is Damiana's excuse for not having made a novena in so long?

5. What is Justina doing as Susana talks to her?

Short Essay Questions

1. When the reader first hears Susana's narrative, where does she think she is?

2. Explain Bartolomé's relationship with Susana.

3. How does don Pedro deal with the news of Miguel's crimes?

4. Why do Angeles and Fausta think Susana doesn't need confess her sins?

5. How does Fulgor compare Miguel to don Pedro?

6. Why does Susana think Father Rentería has come to see her?

7. What does Gerardo's wife tell him before he visits don Pedro?

8. What happens between don Pedro and Damiana when she is a girl?

9. Why does Dorotea say she is no longer interested in the sky?

10. What does doña Inés want Abundio to tell his dead wife?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Susana's character is revealed to the reader almost entirely through her memories and delusions as heard from her grave. Give examples of the ways in which she is revealed to be losing her mind. Do you think her madness is a protective mechanism against the forces around her or an escape from them? How does Susana's behavior affect those around her, including Father Rentería, Justina, and Pedro? Do you think that Susana is a sympathetic character? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

Don Pedro is a complex character. When the reader is introduced to him as a young boy, he is dreamy, innocent, and consumed with love for Susana. Over time, however, we see Pedro commit evil acts without regards to the feeling of others. Based on what you know about tragic heroes,do consider Pedro a tragic figure? Why or why not? Use specific examples from the text and compose an essay addressing the following aspects of his character:

- How do Pedro's emotions affect his actions?

- How do Fulgor's dealings with Pedro show the dual nature of Pedro's character?

- How does Pedro's reactions to Toribio and El Tilucate reveal his dual nature?

- What do you think is behind his unethical behavior? Why does he do the things that he does?

Essay Topic 3

The Roman Catholic religion, as embodied by Father Rentería, is critiqued throughout the novel. What is the role of religion in the lives of the people of Comala? Does it provide a solace or is it more based on fear of damnation? Which characters are most affected by their faith? What characters are affected the least? Explain how Father Rentería is seen as both a positive and negative symbol of church. Use specific examples from the text.

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