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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Father Rentería do in order to help himself go to sleep?
(a) He drinks hot milk.
(b) He takes a warm bath.
(c) He recites the names of the saints.
(d) He counts sheep.

2. What is it that Fulgor wants to remember to tell don Pedro about his upcoming marriage?
(a) To buy a new suit.
(b) To find a place to honeymoon.
(c) To give Dolores money.
(d) To have the judge put the property in joint ownership.

3. What does Juan carry in his pocket to remind him of his mother?
(a) A pressed flower.
(b) A letter from her.
(c) A photograph of her.
(d) A scrap of her rebozo.

4. Where does Juan tell the woman that he is headed?
(a) Sayula.
(b) Media Luna.
(c) Contla.
(d) Los Confines.

5. What makes Ana unsure of who rapes her?
(a) Her uncle threatens her not to tell who it is.
(b) She can't see her attacker's face.
(c) She is told it is two different people.
(d) She doesn't remember the incident.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Doña Eduviges' house located?

2. What sin is the woman guilty of?

3. What astronomical event occurs on the evening of Miguel's funeral?

4. What is unusual about the man and woman that Juan meets in the ramshackle house?

5. What does the boy's grandmother want him to do for her?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain Miguel Paramo's fate.

2. How does what happens to Toribio Aldrete confirm don Pedro's immoral behavior?

3. Why is the priest reluctant to marry don Pedro and Dolores?

4. Why does Fulgor end up working with don Pedro even after don Lucas' death?

5. What does Damiana tell Juan about Comala?

6. What does Juan Preciado hope to accomplish by finding his father?

7. How is Comala different from how Juan's mother describes it?

8. What does the woman tell Juan about nights in Comala?

9. What does the woman think is wrong with the other woman?

10. How does Fulgor get Dolores to agree to marry Pedro?

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