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Comala. - This town is full of souls in purgatory.

The Road to Comala. - This rises and falls, but eventually goes lower and lower.

Media Luna. - This is Pedro Páramo's estate.

Contla. - This is where the priest goes to confess, but is not given absolution.

Black Bows. - These signify don Pedro's mourning for his dead parents.

Eduviges's House. - This is where Toribio is hung.

El Coronado. - This is the cause of Miguel Páramo's death.

Juan and Dorotea's Grave. - This is where Juan is telling his story to Dorotea.

Andromeda Mines. - This is where Bartolomé San Juan works.

Rain. - This signifies sorrow in the novel.

The Sky. - This signifies hope in the novel.

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