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Pedro Páramo, pages 1 - 11

• Juan Preciado goes to Comala to try and find his father, Pedro Páramo.

• Juan meets a burro driver named Abundio on his way.

• Abundio says that don Pedro is also his father.
• Abundio directs Pedro to the home of Eduviges Dyada.

• Juan finds Comala much changed from what he expects from his mother's memories.
• Eduviges says that Juan's dead mother tells her of his arrival.

• Eduviges gives Juan a room to sleep in at her house.

Pedro Páramo, pages 11 - 24

• The reader meets young Pedro Páramo as he sits in a privy thinking of a girl named Susana.

• The people in the boy's home are mourning the death of his grandfather.
• Juan tells Eduviges about Abundio, and Eduviges insists that Abundio is dead.

• Eduviges tells Juan how a mystic told Juan's mother Dolores not to sleep with a man on...

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