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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 7 - 8, Late In the Night When the Fires Are Out, A Boy On A Horse.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Davy get up early each morning?
(a) To fix breakfast.
(b) To study.
(c) To run his muskrat traps.
(d) He has to be at his job early.

2. What does Reuben dream the night that he and Swede plan to break Davy out of jail?
(a) That a piglet bit him.
(b) That someone was chasing him.
(c) That his father died.
(d) That a snake bit him.

3. Who does Reuben talk to in the kitchen when Rev. Johnny Latt is preaching?
(a) Mollie Pritchard.
(b) Abby Martin.
(c) Bethany Orchard.
(d) Becca Phillips.

4. What type of pie does Mrs. DeCuellar serve for breakfast?
(a) Peach.
(b) Strawberry.
(c) Pumpkin.
(d) Apple.

5. Who wrote the book that Stube was reading the night that Davy escaped.
(a) Abraham Lincoln.
(b) Louis L'Amour.
(c) Mike Hammer.
(d) Clive Cussler.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who writes a letter that turns public opinion against Davy?

2. Where does Lurvy say he had a delicious batch of clam chowder in Seatlle?

3. Who did Helen marry after she left Jeremiah?

4. What instrument does Rev. Johnny Latt play?

5. What color sweater does Reuben wear when he testifies at Davy's trial?

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