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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 13 - 14, Something Warm, The Skin Bag.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How far is it from Roofing to North Dakota?
(a) 80 miles.
(b) 70 miles.
(c) 75 miles.
(d) 85 miles.

2. How much money does Jeremiah get when he sells his bed?
(a) $7.
(b) $6.50.
(c) $8.
(d) $5.50.

3. What day does Reuben begin to tear down the corncrib?
(a) December 1.
(b) December 20.
(c) December 16.
(d) December 3.

4. Whose birthday is on December 16?
(a) Bach's.
(b) Beethoven's.
(c) Mozart's.
(d) Rachmaninoff's.

5. On what floor did Helen, Jeremiah, and Davy Land live when they lived in student housing?
(a) 4th floor.
(b) 3rd floor.
(c) 1st floor.
(d) 2nd floor.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who writes a letter that turns public opinion against Davy?

2. What time does Stanley Basca testify that Davy came to the Finch's on the night of the shooting?

3. Who did Helen marry after she left Jeremiah?

4. What type of candy bar comes with Reuben's pay for tearing down the corncrib?

5. What is one of Swede's favorite authors?

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