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Reuben's Lungs - These makes a character sick frequently.

Jeremiah's Miracles - These are unexplained occurrences that circumvent the laws of nature.

The Bible - This is the Holy Book for Christians that Jeremiah lives by.

Davy's Winchester - This item is used to kill two bullies.

Cooked Food - This item is something that the Land's rarely eat.

Fry - This is a horse used in a jail break to travel to the Badlands.

Valdez - This is a character in an epic poem.

The Skin Bag - This item is used by a devilish man to steal someone's breath in a dream.

Faith - This is a confident belief in things that cannot be seen.

Jeremiah's Prayers - This is how a character communicates with God.

Sara and Reuben's Home - This is a place near Red Farm where a family lives and raises their...

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