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Reuben's Lungs

These makes a character sick frequently.

Jeremiah's Miracles

These are unexplained occurrences that circumvent the laws of nature.

The Bible

This is the Holy Book for Christians that Jeremiah lives by.

Davy's Winchester

This item is used to kill two bullies.

Cooked Food

This item is something that the Land's rarely eat.


This is a horse used in a jail break to travel to the Badlands.


This is a character in an epic poem.

The Skin Bag

This item is used by a devilish man to steal someone's breath in a dream.


This is a confident belief in things that cannot be seen.

Jeremiah's Prayers

This is how a character communicates with God.

Sara and Reuben's Home

This is a place near Red Farm where a family lives and raises their children.

Swede's Epic Poem

This item is a lengthy work that a...

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