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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1 - 2, Clay, His Separate Shadow)


In Chapter 1, Reuben talks about miracles and what they are. The objective of this lesson is to discuss what Reuben and Swede believe about miracles.


1) Research: Look up the word miracle and write a definition. Write the answers to these questions: Are miracles usually attributed to divine intervention? Do miracles seem to disrupt the laws of nature? Why or why not? Are miracles sometimes dismissed as coincidence? Do religious people to tend to believe in miracles more than non-religious people? Why or why not?

2) Class discussion: Why does Reuben say that peeping chicks at Easter, the arrival of spring, or a clear sunrise are not miracles? Why does calling ordinary things miracles evaporate the strength of the word miracle? What does Reuben consider to be real miracles? Does Reuben believe that miracles rebut every rule of nature? Why or why not? Why does Reuben say...

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