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Another Title

The author took the title of the book from a hymn "It is Well With My Soul." With a partner, discuss another song or hymn that might have made a good title for the novel.

Dear Mr. Enger

Write Leif Enger and tell him what you did or did not like about the novel.

To Prosecute or Not

Imagine that you are either a law enforcement official or a judge in Roofing, Minnesota. Discuss with a partner why you would or would not have prosecuted Davy for the deaths of Israel and Tommy.

Newspaper Article

Write a newspaper article about one of the events in the novel. Share the articles in small groups or create a class newspaper featuring all of the articles.

War at Sea

In Chapter 7, Mr. DeCuellar plays War at Sea to help Swede pass the time while they wait outside the courtroom...

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