Peace Like a River Character Descriptions

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This character is eleven years old and has lung trouble.


This character performs miracles, reads the Bible regularly and attends a charismatic church.


This character is a monotheistic deity.


This character has a special literary talent.


This character kills intruders and then goes on the run to elude the authorities.


This character is attacked by bullies and the resulting conflict eventually leads to the bullies' deaths.

Israel Finch and Tommy Basca

These characters hassle others which eventually leads to their deaths.

Mrs. Basca

This character writes a newspaper article that influences public opinion about a shooting.

Mr. Holgren

This character is a school superintendent.

The Roofing Public

These characters vacillate between supporting and not supporting someone being tried for murder.


This character is a gas station operator in North Dakota.

Mr. Andreeson

This character is a federal agent who is eventually...

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