Peace Is Every Step Short Essay - Answer Key

Nhat Hanh
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1. Which noted spiritual leader authors the foreword of "Peace is Every Step"? What is his attitude towards Hanh's work? How does this lend credibility to the book's teachings?

H.H. The Dalai Lama authors the foreword of "Peace is Every Step". He praises Hanh's work in promoting world peace. Since The Dalai Lama is acknowledged by many faiths for his spiritual wisdom and peace efforts throughout the world, his endorsement lends credibility.

2. What are the fundamental building blocks for harmony? How does creating harmony in one's own life benefit peace in the world?

The fundamental building blocks for harmony are love, altruism, compassion, and internal peace. When an individual possesses these traits, the harmony extends to one's family, community, and ultimately, the world. If every individual were to strive for harmony, total world peace could be accomplished.

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