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Nhat Hanh
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Chapters 26-33.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Hanh's story about an arguing couple, what is the first step to healing?
(a) Forgiveness.
(b) Conscious breathing.
(c) Respect for others.
(d) Apology.

2. What does the author suggest using as a bell of mindfulness when driving in Paris?
(a) "Je me souviens" license plate.
(b) Car horn.
(c) Stop sign.
(d) Yield sign.

3. What body position does Hanh recommend for meditation?
(a) Sitting cross-legged on a cushion.
(b) Lying parallel to the Earth.
(c) Sitting on the ground facing the sun.
(d) Sitting upright in a chair.

4. What does Hanh synchronize with his movements of using a scythe?
(a) His thoughts.
(b) His breathing.
(c) His voice.
(d) His rest periods.

5. According to Hanh, which of the following is a non-sound?
(a) A car buzzer.
(b) A falling leaf.
(c) A telephone ring.
(d) A ray of sunshine.

Short Answer Questions

1. When we walk hurriedly, what imprints are left on the Earth?

2. At what university did Hanh tell the teachers and students to pause after a bell sounds?

3. At the beginning of Part l, Chapter1, what gift is available to everyone upon waking up each morning?

4. What is Hanh remembered for at the end of the Editor's Introduction?

5. How is Hanh's presence still felt in Vietnam?

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