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Nhat Hanh
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This is the birthplace of Hanh.

United States

This location holds fascination and disappointment for Hanh. He is displeased by the lack of respect, love, honor, peace, and harmony within its boundaries.

Plum Village

Established by Hanh and his followers in 1982, this place is a retreat center located near Bordeaux France.


This is Hanh's religious faith, which is founded on principles of meditation, inner peace, and enlightenment.

Conscious breathing

Used by Zen Buddhists, this is a primary component of mindful living.

Mindful living

This allows one to take the time to appreciate surroundings and simple aspects of life, such as nature, other individuals, foods, and inner peace.


This is a focused method of relaxation that can open the mind.


This focuses on enjoying the journey of life rather than the result of actions.

Internal Formations

Unpleasant experiences are responsible for these "knots" of emotional...

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