Peace Is Every Step Character Descriptions

Nhat Hanh
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Thich Nhat Hanh - This person is the author of "Peace is Every Step".

Buddha - This character holds a flower before a congregation of monks which encourages smiling as part of mindful living.

Mother Earth - This character is important in the author's teaching on meditation and in the Buddhist faith.

Arnold Kotler - As the editor of "Peace is Every Step", this person introduces the author and gives helpful background information on Hanh's teachings.

H. H. the Dalai Lama - As the author of the book's Foreword section, this person gives credibility to the author's teachings.

Jesus - In "The Eucharist" this character reminds the reader that eating is a part of mindful living. The character also brings Christianity to the book's message.

Mahakashyapa - In "Flower Insights", this character sees the intended beauty of a flower and smiles.

Little Bamboo - In "Nourishing Healthy...

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