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Don Richardson
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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Biakadon?

2. Who comes in a dugout to help the stranded party?

3. What insult is hurtled at a Haenam youth which almost starts a serious battle?

4. Why do the young boys spread the news that the Richardson family is eating brains?

5. Near the end of the book, Richardson describes a new place where the mission plane lands. What is that place?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Richardson promise to teach the Sawi Christians?

2. What ritual do the Sawi villagers engage in which inspires the title of this book?

3. How do the Sawi people know that Warahai's soul has left his body?

4. Who is God's "Tarop"?

5. What are the four levels of despair in the Sawi ritual of "gefam asan"?

6. What is the custom of fighting as described in Chapter 13, War at my Door?

7. What does the phrase "cool water" mean in the Sawi language?

8. What is "aumamay"?

9. What does "my liver trembles" mean in the Sawi idiom?

10. What surprises Richardson about the Sawi language?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Peace Child is what Richardson calls a "redemptive analogy." What does he mean by this? What is the redemptive story that Richardson is trying to teach them and why does the Sawi ritual of the Peace Child provide a connection? What does the peace child represent for the Sawi people? For Richardson?

Essay Topic 2

Richardson has a theory that the distance between the Sawi culture and his own can be bridged if he can find an analogy between the two. What is a cultural analogy? What is the bridge that Richardson finds? How does he recognize it?

Essay Topic 3

The shift of government from the remote Dutch authorities to the more present Indonesian authorities brings tremendous change to the Sawi people. What does Richardson say about that change? How and why is that change so dramatic?

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