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Don Richardson
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the Richardsons, Winifred and Mavo fall off the capsized dugout and into the Kronkel river, what happens first?
(a) Crocodiles immediately surround them.
(b) Carol swims to the bank with her infant child.
(c) Winifred and Mavo go back to the dugout and Mavo climbs on top of it.
(d) Richardson rescues Stephen.

2. What does "Myao Kondon" mean?
(a) The big tree just beyond view.
(b) The thousand lakes and rivers.
(c) The greatest Spirit.
(d) The end of the end.

3. What are the two pillars Richardson refers to?
(a) The center two pillars which support the manhouse.
(b) The pillars of wealth and fame.
(c) The pillar of treacherous violence and the pillar of the peace child.
(d) The pillars of the Old Testament and the New Testament.

4. What is the third level of despair?
(a) Standing for several hours absolutely still, next to the body.
(b) Setting the dead person's body onto a river raft, loaded with stones.
(c) Plunging one's hand deep into the putrid body cavity of the dead person.
(d) Throwing the bones of the deceased upon the death camp bonfire.

5. What life forms must the Richardson family learn to live with inside their new home?
(a) Dogs, cats, parakeets, goats, cows, chickens and ducks.
(b) Mosquitoes, cockroaches, crickets, flies, rats, lizards, bats and birds.
(c) Worms, pythons, crocodiles, lions, jungle bears and hippos.
(d) Elephants, giraffes, picolos, vultures, eagles and griffins.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Aham and Richardson have in common?

2. In Sawi what does "cool water" mean?

3. What insult is hurtled at a Haenam youth which almost starts a serious battle?

4. What does Richardson build after five years among the Sawi to replace his small thatchbox home?

5. Near the end of the book, Richardson describes a new place where the mission plane lands. What is that place?

Short Essay Questions

1. A Sawi woman dies in childbirth along with the twins that she gives birth to. What do the Sawi believe about twins?

2. What does Richardson see as the true battle in Chapter 13, War at my Door?

3. Who is God's "Tarop"?

4. What does Richardson see in the ritual of the Sawi peace child which gives him hope about sharing his Christian message with the villagers?

5. What happens when the Richardson family and their Sawi friends capsized in the dugout?

6. What is the custom of fighting as described in Chapter 13, War at my Door?

7. Who is Biakadon?

8. What surprises Richardson about the Sawi language?

9. What do the Richardsons conclude about the ongoing violence which they face amid the combined Sawi village communities?

10. What are the four levels of despair in the Sawi ritual of "gefam asan"?

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