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Don Richardson
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the author describe a Sawi manhouse?
(a) As a library and movie theatre in the Sawi village.
(b) As a rundown, smoke-filled, unhealthy gathering place.
(c) As a den of inequity.
(d) As the Parthenon of Sawi culture.

2. What medicine do the Richardsons have which saves the lives of Mavu, Nair and Paha?
(a) X-rays.
(b) Prayer.
(c) Penicillin.
(d) Aspirin.

3. Why do the young boys spread the news that the Richardson family is eating brains?
(a) Because the Richardsons frighten them.
(b) Because their macaroni supper looks like brains.
(c) Because Richardsons tell the boys this to frighten them.
(d) Because they are lying to get attention.

4. Why is Beray not welcoming to the men from Wiyar?
(a) They would not let him marry into the tribe.
(b) Beray had been banished from Wiyar.
(c) Beray had recently been attacked by the Wiyar men.
(d) They had cannibalized his father six years earlier.

5. Why is Richardson shocked by the dead man Warahai's condition?
(a) Warahai is still conscious, has a faint pulse and is breathing.
(b) Warahai has been dead many days.
(c) Warahai has been wrapped in sago leaves.
(d) Warahai has been eaten by crocodiles.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does "my liver trembles" refer to?

2. What is Don Richardson's first order of business with the Sawi tribe?

3. Why are the Sawi people so upset with Don Richardson over his actions with Warahai?

4. In the Sawi language, how many tenses does each verb have?

5. Who is the woman, once beautiful, now covered in mud, weeping and wailing in grief?

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