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Don Richardson
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Don Richardson interpret the tumult of Sawi activity as?
(a) A baptism into a new and strange world.
(b) A dangerous cannibalistic ritual.
(c) A chance to learn the Sawi language.
(d) The beginning of a violent war between Sawi and Tuan.

2. What are the two new tools Richardson gives the men of Tumdu?
(a) A radio and camera.
(b) A steel knife and steel machete.
(c) A steel fish gutting machine.
(d) A steel hammer and saw.

3. Who actually completes the murder of Yae?
(a) His mother-in-law.
(b) The dogs of the village.
(c) He dies of starvation.
(d) The women and children of the Haenam village.

4. What part of the human skeleton do Sawi children play with?
(a) The entire skeleton.
(b) The polished skull.
(c) The hip socket.
(d) The leg bones.

5. How does Yae get from the tree house to the ground?
(a) Yae jumps into a soft pile of leaves.
(b) Yae swings from vines to a nearby tree and then jumps down.
(c) Yae travels from treetop to treetop, rarely touching the ground.
(d) Yae climbs down a long, vine-fastened ladder.

Short Answer Questions

1. What time of day does the Richardson family arrive at their new home?

2. Which of these terms can be used to describe the tribe?

3. What kind of flour do the Sawi women use to make bread?

4. What does the woman Anai do when she hears that Yae's jawbone will be given to her?

5. Why does Kauwan refuse to help Yae escape his terrible fate?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Narai waiting in the elephant grass, in his small dugout? What is his purpose and job to do on this auspicious day?

2. What was the moment in which Yae realizes that he has been tricked?

3. What is Carol Richardson's reaction to the sight of 200 armed warriors and the women and children standing massed, awaiting their arrival?

4. What do the Richardsons find surprising and difficult about the Sawi people?

5. Why is the sound of the diesel boat engines so frightening?

6. What does the village of Mauro look like?

7. How does Kauwan display "saravon," a customary display of force, and why does he do this when Yae arrives at the village of Haenam?

8. For his journey to Haenam, Yae dresses in a very careful way. What are some of the underlying meanings which his clothing convey?

9. What do the young 7-month-old Stephen and the grown Sawi man Narai have in common?

10. What is Yae trying to do as he makes a journey to the nearby village of Haenam?

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