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Don Richardson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the Sawi people raise their children to be?
(a) Strong willed.
(b) Invisible in the jungle.
(c) Musical and artistic.
(d) Quiet and reticent.

2. What is the first thing Warahi says when he comes out of his coma?
(a) "I am hungry."
(b) "Where am I?"
(c) "Help me up, I must walk."
(d) "O Mother, don't be sad."

3. Who reads the Christmas scripture at the worship service?
(a) Isai, now a literate Sawi preacher.
(b) Richardson's son, Stephen.
(c) Yae.
(d) Carol Richardson.

4. What is Aham's role in the village?
(a) She is a sorceresses who has visions of spiritual events.
(b) She is a herbalist.
(c) She is a naturopath.
(d) She is the leader of the women.

5. In the story about Jesus, who do the Sawi admire?
(a) Judas.
(b) Jesus.
(c) Pontius Pilate.
(d) Mary Magdalene.

6. What two villages are fighting on the Tuan's doorstep?
(a) The Kayangar and the Sawi are in battle.
(b) The Harasiomi and the Kaondahari are fighting.
(c) The Sawi are fighting the Tuan.
(d) The Kamur and Haenam villages are in battle.

7. What does Richardson conclude has been the reason Sawi people have survived so long?
(a) Their habit of living in small, isolated groups.
(b) Their habit of bathing in the river.
(c) Their habit of aggressive fighting.
(d) Their habit of fishing and hunting.

8. Who comes in a dugout to help the stranded party?
(a) The outcast of the Kamur tribe, Natato.
(b) The Dutch government authorities.
(c) Another Tuan missionary.
(d) Mavo's own father, Taeri, and his daughter Aray.

9. What does Don Richardson believe the real battle is about?
(a) Between the modern world and the stone age world.
(b) Between God and Satan.
(c) Between women and men.
(d) Between the savagery and the gospel of peace.

10. Who is willing to give up his only son?
(a) Mahean.
(b) Kaiyo.
(c) Richardson.
(d) Hato.

11. Mahean is the first to step forward to try to carry out the peace child ritual. What stops him?
(a) His conscience gets the better of him.
(b) His wife, Syado, takes her child and runs back to the tribe.
(c) A shower of arrows stops him.
(d) The child on his back weeps and wails until Mahean gives up.

12. What does Richardson build after five years among the Sawi to replace his small thatchbox home?
(a) A riverboat home.
(b) A 14-bedroom hotel.
(c) An underground bunker.
(d) A three-bedroom dwelling.

13. Why are the Sawi people so upset with Don Richardson over his actions with Warahai?
(a) Richardson is trying to save a bad man.
(b) Richardson is keeping the village from going on a wild boar hunt.
(c) Richardson is not allowing them to carry out their death and dying rituals.
(d) Richardson is not allowing the rain gods to bring nourishment to the jungle.

14. In 1963 who does the Dutch government begin to give control of the Netherlands New Guinea to?
(a) Through the League of Nations they give control to the United States.
(b) Through the World Court they give control to Australia.
(c) Through the Geneva Accord they give control to the Sawi.
(d) Through the United Nations they transfer control to Indonesian sovereignty.

15. What does "gefam ason" mean?
(a) The end of the world.
(b) Touching the stench.
(c) Paddling through the storm.
(d) Tasting nothing.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Hato so filled with grief?

2. When the Richardsons, Winifred and Mavo fall off the capsized dugout and into the Kronkel river, what happens first?

3. Who stands at the front of the battle, on the front line, so to speak?

4. Why is it so important to Richardson that the patriarchs, the older men, convert to Christianity?

5. Why is Richardson shocked by the dead man Warahai's condition?

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