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Don Richardson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Don Richardson believe the real battle is about?
(a) Between women and men.
(b) Between the savagery and the gospel of peace.
(c) Between God and Satan.
(d) Between the modern world and the stone age world.

2. What is the first thing Warahi says when he comes out of his coma?
(a) "I am hungry."
(b) "O Mother, don't be sad."
(c) "Where am I?"
(d) "Help me up, I must walk."

3. What fruits and flowers do the missionaries introduce to the Sawi?
(a) Pineapple, coconut palms, lemon trees and hibiscus.
(b) Apple trees, green beans, potatoes and tomatoes.
(c) Watermelon, oranges and grapefruit.
(d) Peaches, sago and apricots.

4. What is Don Richardson's first order of business with the Sawi tribe?
(a) To convert the children to Christianity.
(b) To cure the sick and heal the lame.
(c) To establish trading alliances with neighboring tribes.
(d) To learn the Sawi language.

5. What does "my liver trembles" refer to?
(a) It means "illness has struck me and I am near death."
(b) It means "the day has come for me to die."
(c) It means "I am extremely hungry."
(d) It means "you have aroused longing in me."

6. What does Richardson believe is stopping the Sawi people from following the Christian path?
(a) Fear of unfavorable reaction from the demon world.
(b) Fear of being crucified like Jesus.
(c) Fear of the power of God and Jesus.
(d) Fear of Richardson and the Tuan people.

7. What brings a time of peace to the Sawi tribes?
(a) The peace child exchange between two villages.
(b) The river is full of fish.
(c) The Tuans give many gifts.
(d) The weather is very calm.

8. Who is the first patriarch in the Sawi tribe to convert to Christianity?
(a) Hato.
(b) Mavo.
(c) Stephen.
(d) Richardson.

9. Mahean is the first to step forward to try to carry out the peace child ritual. What stops him?
(a) The child on his back weeps and wails until Mahean gives up.
(b) His conscience gets the better of him.
(c) A shower of arrows stops him.
(d) His wife, Syado, takes her child and runs back to the tribe.

10. Why is it so important to Richardson that the patriarchs, the older men, convert to Christianity?
(a) Because the patriarchs control all the money.
(b) Because Richardson believes only men can lead spiritually.
(c) Because the patriarchs can read and write and will spread the gospel.
(d) Because the patriarchs of the tribe hold much influence over the rest of the people.

11. What have the Sawi villagers constructed around the Richardson home?
(a) Satanoun, battle structures.
(b) Tatious, boat docks.
(c) Saurai, temporary homes.
(d) Nadous, long fireplaces for cooking.

12. What two villages are fighting on the Tuan's doorstep?
(a) The Harasiomi and the Kaondahari are fighting.
(b) The Kamur and Haenam villages are in battle.
(c) The Kayangar and the Sawi are in battle.
(d) The Sawi are fighting the Tuan.

13. What do the women do during battle?
(a) The women taunt their own men to be more brave.
(b) The women throw stones and sharp rocks at the enemy.
(c) The women shield the children.
(d) The women curse and bang their pounding sticks on the ground.

14. Who reads the Christmas scripture at the worship service?
(a) Isai, now a literate Sawi preacher.
(b) Richardson's son, Stephen.
(c) Carol Richardson.
(d) Yae.

15. Who is willing to give up his only son?
(a) Richardson.
(b) Mahean.
(c) Hato.
(d) Kaiyo.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Sawi people do if twins are born?

2. How many people can be seated at a worship service inside the new Sawidome?

3. Why are the Sawi people so upset with Don Richardson over his actions with Warahai?

4. What are the two pillars Richardson refers to?

5. What do Aham and Richardson have in common?

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