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Don Richardson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Do the Sawi men believe their children are strong?
(a) No, they know their own children are very fragile.
(b) Yes, they believe their own children are immortal.
(c) They do not care about their own children.
(d) Yes, they believe their own children can withstand anything.

2. What is Don Richardson most shocked to discover about the Sawi people?
(a) That they often get lost.
(b) That they honor goodness and light.
(c) That they eat no fruit.
(d) That they honor cruelty.

3. What two villages are fighting on the Tuan's doorstep?
(a) The Harasiomi and the Kaondahari are fighting.
(b) The Kamur and Haenam villages are in battle.
(c) The Kayangar and the Sawi are in battle.
(d) The Sawi are fighting the Tuan.

4. What medicine do the Richardsons have which saves the lives of Mavu, Nair and Paha?
(a) Aspirin.
(b) Prayer.
(c) X-rays.
(d) Penicillin.

5. What does Richardson believe keeps true peace from existing among Sawi people?
(a) The fact that they are illiterate.
(b) The possibility of tusi asonai man.
(c) The inability of the Sawi people to understand what peace is.
(d) The belief of the Sawi people in demons.

6. What is the fourth level of despair?
(a) Throwing oneself, briefly, upon the death bonfire.
(b) Throwing oneself into the grave with the dead body.
(c) Sinking the dead person's body into the Kronkel river.
(d) Eating food with the hand that had been plunged into the dead person's body.

7. What is the name of Don and Carol Richardson's second child?
(a) Luke Andrew.
(b) Moses James.
(c) Donald Paul.
(d) Shannon Douglas.

8. What happens to Er when he makes advances towards a girl?
(a) She accuses him of terrible things and he is banished.
(b) Her male relatives shoot him with arrows.
(c) He is forced to marry the girl.
(d) She chases him into the river.

9. What does Don Richardson believe the real battle is about?
(a) Between the modern world and the stone age world.
(b) Between the savagery and the gospel of peace.
(c) Between women and men.
(d) Between God and Satan.

10. Why is it so difficult for the Sawi people to convert to Richardson's faith?
(a) They trust the ancient Sawi culture which is all they have ever known.
(b) They are cowards and afraid to try anything new.
(c) They have no spiritual life.
(d) They cannot speak English.

11. What gifts are given among the Sawi people at this first Christmas?
(a) Bibles.
(b) Gold coins.
(c) Sago, beetle grubs and wild pork.
(d) Dugout canoes.

12. What do the Sawi men build on the Kronkel river under Richardson's guidance?
(a) A huge raft made of ironwood poles.
(b) A breakwater barrier.
(c) A 110-foot iron bridge.
(d) A small island made of concrete.

13. What do the Sawi people call Jesus?
(a) Tawanda Tahoi, the one who is beyond reach.
(b) Tahari Tamala, the spirit who rises again.
(c) Tarap Tim Kodon, the perfect peace child.
(d) Jesus the Tailor, the one who makes us new.

14. Why is Richardson so excited about the peace child ritual?
(a) It shows the Sawi people are capable of understanding and practicing peace.
(b) He thinks it will make a good book.
(c) He is not excited; he thinks it is all very hopeless and sad.
(d) He believes that Christianity must have been introduced to the Sawi long ago.

15. How does Mavo respond to the protection and kindness which Richardson shows to him?
(a) Mavo leaves the area and travels to the nearest Dutch government outpost.
(b) Mavo gives Richardson one of his own children.
(c) Mavo promises he will follow the Richardsons anywhere.
(d) Mavo converts to Christianity that evening.

Short Answer Questions

1. What brings a time of peace to the Sawi tribes?

2. In the story about Jesus, who do the Sawi admire?

3. What does Richardson believe is stopping the Sawi people from following the Christian path?

4. Who reads the Christmas scripture at the worship service?

5. What problems does Richardson face personally as he starts his sixth month of living with the Sawi people?

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