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Don Richardson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What machine does the Richardson family have that is very mysterious to the Sawi people?
(a) A gas-powered washing machine.
(b) A low flying helicopter.
(c) A food processor.
(d) A blender.

2. Near the end of the book, Richardson describes a new place where the mission plane lands. What is that place?
(a) The recently built airstrip.
(b) The long sago bridge.
(c) An ocean carrier.
(d) A floating bridge on the Kronkel.

3. Why is it so important to Richardson that the patriarchs, the older men, convert to Christianity?
(a) Because the patriarchs control all the money.
(b) Because Richardson believes only men can lead spiritually.
(c) Because the patriarchs of the tribe hold much influence over the rest of the people.
(d) Because the patriarchs can read and write and will spread the gospel.

4. What do the Sawi people call Jesus?
(a) Tarap Tim Kodon, the perfect peace child.
(b) Tahari Tamala, the spirit who rises again.
(c) Tawanda Tahoi, the one who is beyond reach.
(d) Jesus the Tailor, the one who makes us new.

5. What does Richardson believe is stopping the Sawi people from following the Christian path?
(a) Fear of unfavorable reaction from the demon world.
(b) Fear of the power of God and Jesus.
(c) Fear of being crucified like Jesus.
(d) Fear of Richardson and the Tuan people.

6. What do the Sawi people build for a dead person?
(a) A sarcophagus.
(b) A stone covered dugout which will sink to the bottom of the Kronkel.
(c) A gravehouse above ground.
(d) A raft to send them down the river.

7. Who is the woman, once beautiful, now covered in mud, weeping and wailing in grief?
(a) Mary, mother of Jesus.
(b) Watiro, one of the leading women in Kamur.
(c) Carol, Don Richardson's wife.
(d) Wumi, mother of a peace child.

8. What does Richardson organize to celebrate his first Christmas with the Sawi?
(a) A large scale inter-village feast.
(b) A huge ironwood tree covered with ornaments.
(c) A Bible study for a few close Sawi friends.
(d) A trip for his family to Australia.

9. What does the word "navo" mean in Sawi?
(a) Help me.
(b) Daddy.
(c) Supper.
(d) Goodbye.

10. What does "my liver trembles" refer to?
(a) It means "you have aroused longing in me."
(b) It means "illness has struck me and I am near death."
(c) It means "the day has come for me to die."
(d) It means "I am extremely hungry."

11. Who reads the Christmas scripture at the worship service?
(a) Isai, now a literate Sawi preacher.
(b) Richardson's son, Stephen.
(c) Carol Richardson.
(d) Yae.

12. What insult is hurtled at a Haenam youth which almost starts a serious battle?
(a) He is called "weird old man."
(b) He is called "tuan like."
(c) He is called "slow as mud."
(d) He is called "lizard-skin."

13. Who is willing to give up his only son?
(a) Hato.
(b) Richardson.
(c) Mahean.
(d) Kaiyo.

14. What is the first level of despair?
(a) Sleeping with the body of the person who has died.
(b) Tearing one's clothing and covering oneself in ashes.
(c) Hiking three miles to a nearby death camp.
(d) Waiting for nine days and nights as the body decomposes in the grave house.

15. What problems does Richardson face personally as he starts his sixth month of living with the Sawi people?
(a) Government interference and high taxes.
(b) Daily threats of violence to his family, his home being set on fire and his mother dying back in Canada.
(c) Depression, Stephen's malaria, his wife's pregnancy and a general loss of hope.
(d) Monsoon rains which washed away the foundation of his home.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of Don and Carol Richardson's second child?

2. Why is Richardson so excited about the peace child ritual?

3. Why does Amio want Hurip to die?

4. Who is Biakadon?

5. What vision does Aham have which convinces the Sawi villagers that there is no hope for Warahai?

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