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Don Richardson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which two village groups need to make peace?
(a) Pirapum and Plactoman.
(b) Olada and Naydu.
(c) Kayagar and Atum.
(d) Haenam and Kamur.

2. What insult is hurtled at a Haenam youth which almost starts a serious battle?
(a) He is called "lizard-skin."
(b) He is called "weird old man."
(c) He is called "slow as mud."
(d) He is called "tuan like."

3. What happens to Er when he makes advances towards a girl?
(a) She chases him into the river.
(b) Her male relatives shoot him with arrows.
(c) She accuses him of terrible things and he is banished.
(d) He is forced to marry the girl.

4. Who stands at the front of the battle, on the front line, so to speak?
(a) The women.
(b) The most experienced warriors.
(c) The jesters and clowns are sent to the front to distract.
(d) The young teenage boys.

5. What does Hato say about God?
(a) "God must have been sad just like me."
(b) "God must not care for us if such things happen."
(c) "God does not know what he is doing."
(d) "God must be very, very far away."

6. How does the author describe a Sawi manhouse?
(a) As the Parthenon of Sawi culture.
(b) As a den of inequity.
(c) As a library and movie theatre in the Sawi village.
(d) As a rundown, smoke-filled, unhealthy gathering place.

7. Why is Richardson so excited about the peace child ritual?
(a) He thinks it will make a good book.
(b) It shows the Sawi people are capable of understanding and practicing peace.
(c) He believes that Christianity must have been introduced to the Sawi long ago.
(d) He is not excited; he thinks it is all very hopeless and sad.

8. What does Richardson organize to celebrate his first Christmas with the Sawi?
(a) A large scale inter-village feast.
(b) A trip for his family to Australia.
(c) A huge ironwood tree covered with ornaments.
(d) A Bible study for a few close Sawi friends.

9. Who reads the Christmas scripture at the worship service?
(a) Richardson's son, Stephen.
(b) Yae.
(c) Isai, now a literate Sawi preacher.
(d) Carol Richardson.

10. What is the second level of despair?
(a) Starting a bonfire at the death camp.
(b) Covering oneself with Sago thorns and rolling on the ground.
(c) Dancing under the gravehouse platform as maggots and rotting flesh rain down.
(d) Dressing the dead person's body in colorful clothing.

11. What is the first thing Warahi says when he comes out of his coma?
(a) "I am hungry."
(b) "Where am I?"
(c) "O Mother, don't be sad."
(d) "Help me up, I must walk."

12. In 1963 who does the Dutch government begin to give control of the Netherlands New Guinea to?
(a) Through the United Nations they transfer control to Indonesian sovereignty.
(b) Through the Geneva Accord they give control to the Sawi.
(c) Through the League of Nations they give control to the United States.
(d) Through the World Court they give control to Australia.

13. Who is Biakadon?
(a) The infant son of Kaiyo and Wumi.
(b) The leader of the Kumar village.
(c) The legendary god of the sea.
(d) The young man who works for the Richardsons.

14. Mahean is the first to step forward to try to carry out the peace child ritual. What stops him?
(a) The child on his back weeps and wails until Mahean gives up.
(b) His wife, Syado, takes her child and runs back to the tribe.
(c) A shower of arrows stops him.
(d) His conscience gets the better of him.

15. What machine does the Richardson family have that is very mysterious to the Sawi people?
(a) A food processor.
(b) A gas-powered washing machine.
(c) A blender.
(d) A low flying helicopter.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does "gefam ason" mean?

2. In the story about Jesus, who do the Sawi admire?

3. What does Richardson believe is stopping the Sawi people from following the Christian path?

4. Why is Warahai's mother crouched over the body of her son, covering his loins with her face and hands?

5. What is the fourth level of despair?

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