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Don Richardson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the Sawi language, how many tenses does each verb have?
(a) Each verb has 3 tenses.
(b) Each verb has only 1 tense.
(c) Each verb has 19 tenses.
(d) Each verb has 103 tenses.

2. What do Sawi people do if twins are born?
(a) They celebrate for many days, for they think it is very special.
(b) The second twin is ordained to be a tribal medicine man.
(c) They name them the same name, as they came at the same time.
(d) They kill the second twin, believing it to be an evil spirit.

3. Who stands at the front of the battle, on the front line, so to speak?
(a) The young teenage boys.
(b) The women.
(c) The jesters and clowns are sent to the front to distract.
(d) The most experienced warriors.

4. What brings a time of peace to the Sawi tribes?
(a) The river is full of fish.
(b) The weather is very calm.
(c) The peace child exchange between two villages.
(d) The Tuans give many gifts.

5. What does Richardson conclude has been the reason Sawi people have survived so long?
(a) Their habit of aggressive fighting.
(b) Their habit of living in small, isolated groups.
(c) Their habit of bathing in the river.
(d) Their habit of fishing and hunting.

6. How does the author describe a Sawi manhouse?
(a) As a den of inequity.
(b) As a library and movie theatre in the Sawi village.
(c) As the Parthenon of Sawi culture.
(d) As a rundown, smoke-filled, unhealthy gathering place.

7. Why is it so difficult for the Sawi people to convert to Richardson's faith?
(a) They are cowards and afraid to try anything new.
(b) They have no spiritual life.
(c) They cannot speak English.
(d) They trust the ancient Sawi culture which is all they have ever known.

8. How do the Sawi prepare a body for burial?
(a) Wrap the body in a grass mat, bound with vines around the neck, wrist and ankles.
(b) Anoint it with fragrant oils.
(c) Singe the skin with fire, cut off all the hair and disfigure the face.
(d) Coat it in thick mud and dry it in the sun.

9. How many people can be seated at a worship service inside the new Sawidome?
(a) One hundred.
(b) One thousand.
(c) Fifty.
(d) Fifty thousand.

10. What does Hato say about God?
(a) "God must be very, very far away."
(b) "God does not know what he is doing."
(c) "God must not care for us if such things happen."
(d) "God must have been sad just like me."

11. What does Don Richardson respect about the Sawi men?
(a) They are excellent writers and have captured their history in many books.
(b) He does not respect anything about the Sawi men.
(c) They are accomplished naturalists and have great courage and survival skills.
(d) They are well traveled and have been all over the world.

12. What gifts are given among the Sawi people at this first Christmas?
(a) Sago, beetle grubs and wild pork.
(b) Bibles.
(c) Gold coins.
(d) Dugout canoes.

13. What is the name of Don and Carol Richardson's second child?
(a) Moses James.
(b) Donald Paul.
(c) Shannon Douglas.
(d) Luke Andrew.

14. Why is Richardson shocked by the dead man Warahai's condition?
(a) Warahai has been eaten by crocodiles.
(b) Warahai has been dead many days.
(c) Warahai has been wrapped in sago leaves.
(d) Warahai is still conscious, has a faint pulse and is breathing.

15. When the Richardsons, Winifred and Mavo fall off the capsized dugout and into the Kronkel river, what happens first?
(a) Richardson rescues Stephen.
(b) Carol swims to the bank with her infant child.
(c) Winifred and Mavo go back to the dugout and Mavo climbs on top of it.
(d) Crocodiles immediately surround them.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the first patriarch in the Sawi tribe to convert to Christianity?

2. Why is Warahai's mother crouched over the body of her son, covering his loins with her face and hands?

3. In 1963 who does the Dutch government begin to give control of the Netherlands New Guinea to?

4. What is the fourth level of despair?

5. What do the Sawi people call Jesus?

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