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Don Richardson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Yae arrives at the Haenam village at the beginning of Chapter 2, why is he so confident?
(a) He is carrying a concealed gun so that if there is trouble, he can defend himself.
(b) He has been visiting them for seven months and they have been very friendly and warm.
(c) He is bringing them steel axes and a chain saw.
(d) He is marrying the chief's daughter and will soon be related to the tribe.

2. What is the primary redemptive analogy which Richardson uses to reach the tribal people?
(a) The tribal ritual of "fattening for slaughter."
(b) The tribal ritual of a "peace child."
(c) The tribal ritual of marriage.
(d) The tribal ritual of Jesus and the disciples.

3. How many tribes are in the area of New Guinea?
(a) Fifteen distinct tribes.
(b) Only one.
(c) An estimated four hundred.
(d) Five distinct tribes and ten which could not be classified.

4. What do the Sawi warriors bring on their first trading mission to Pirimapun?
(a) Pottery made from dark red riverbank clay.
(b) Guns, ammunition, spears and dynamite.
(c) Elaborately carved masks and feather-adorned costumes.
(d) Sago flour, beetle grubs, lori parrots and chickens.

5. What is the only safe way for a Sawi person to drink water from the river?
(a) To drink it with a straw-like tool made of sago leaves.
(b) The river water must never be drunk. It is full of germs.
(c) To put one's head underwater completely and drink.
(d) To toss each scoop of water in the air and catch it in one's mouth.

6. What does the Richardson family sleep underneath?
(a) The open sky full of stars.
(b) A crucifix.
(c) A mosquito net.
(d) A wooden box.

7. What do the Sawi people believe airplanes are?
(a) Supernatural creatures.
(b) German bomber planes.
(c) River spirits.
(d) Chariots of the gods.

8. What does the expression "to fatten with friendship for the slaughter" mean?
(a) Forming friendships with the purpose of betrayal, murder and cannibalism.
(b) Raising poultry in a kind and humane way.
(c) Raising beef cattle in jungle areas using grain and vegetables.
(d) Preparing young men for battle with many feasts.

9. What do the Tuans reportedly have to prevent fever and heal sores?
(a) Witchcraft called "obat."
(b) Animal totems.
(c) Antibiotics and oxygen tanks.
(d) Fire breathing guns.

10. Who actually completes the murder of Yae?
(a) The women and children of the Haenam village.
(b) His mother-in-law.
(c) He dies of starvation.
(d) The dogs of the village.

11. What does Richardson believe is unavoidable in our present world?
(a) Cross-cultural communication.
(b) Despair and continual war.
(c) Annihilation and destruction.
(d) The end of all we know.

12. What effect does the tide have upon the black, algae-stained Kronkel river?
(a) The tide sends ocean salmon back to the place they spawned.
(b) The tide kills fish and wildlife as water rushes in and floods the area.
(c) The tide sends great cresting waves up the river which create chaos.
(d) The tide reverses the river's current and pushes it back into the swamp.

13. What do the Tuans give the elders who come out to meet them for the first time?
(a) Matches, razorblades and fishing equipment.
(b) Necklaces made of brightly colored beads.
(c) Pens, paper and stamps.
(d) A bible, radio and a flashlight.

14. What is the name of the sea which the Kronkel river empties into?
(a) The Atlantic Ocean.
(b) The Agrabar Waterway.
(c) The Agramenon Basin.
(d) The Arafura Sea.

15. Are the Sawi women involved in head hunting?
(a) Not directly, but they encourage murder and would participate in clubbing to death wounded victims.
(b) The Sawi women are involved only if they are married.
(c) Yes, they are very good with spears and often had better aim than their husbands.
(d) Yes, they often lead the charge to the offending village.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is a good strategy for a Sawi village that wants to take revenge against another village?

2. What brings the Sawi villagers to a sudden halt when they hear it for the first time?

3. What is the ancient Sawi custom of "waness"?

4. What is Yae waiting for before he goes to the village of Haenam?

5. Why does Kauwan refuse to help Yae escape his terrible fate?

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