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Don Richardson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the tribe that Don Richardson and his wife Carol live with?
(a) The South End tribe.
(b) The Sowanda tribe.
(c) The Sawi tribe.
(d) The Soweto tribe.

2. What does seven-month-old Stephen think of his first journey down the Kronkel river?
(a) Stephen is full of wonder and awe.
(b) Stephen is bored and plays with his toys, rarely looking up.
(c) Stephen is very frightened and cannot stop crying.
(d) Stephen sleeps the entire way.

3. What does the Richardson family sleep underneath?
(a) The open sky full of stars.
(b) A mosquito net.
(c) A wooden box.
(d) A crucifix.

4. What does Kauwan say that Yae should have given him in order to truly win his protection?
(a) A gun and sword.
(b) A thousand dollars.
(c) His own wife.
(d) A peace child.

5. How many pounds does the average wild boar weigh?
(a) 10 pounds.
(b) 180 pounds.
(c) 50 pounds.
(d) 1,000 pounds.

6. What do the Sawi warriors bring on their first trading mission to Pirimapun?
(a) Pottery made from dark red riverbank clay.
(b) Guns, ammunition, spears and dynamite.
(c) Sago flour, beetle grubs, lori parrots and chickens.
(d) Elaborately carved masks and feather-adorned costumes.

7. What kind of flour do the Sawi women use to make bread?
(a) Whole wheat flour.
(b) Rice flour.
(c) Bamboo fiber flour.
(d) Sago flour.

8. Yae's young brother Sao is ill. What is his sickness?
(a) Sao has an immune system infection similar to AIDS.
(b) Sao has developed early dementia.
(c) Sao has malaria.
(d) Sao is mentally ill.

9. Who is Patches?
(a) The fierce watchdog that lives with the missionary family of John McCain.
(b) The nickname for Richardson's young son.
(c) The cook who makes fried sago worms for Richardson's family.
(d) The translator who makes "patchwork" of the early communications with the Sawi tribe.

10. Do the Sawi warriors bring weapons with them to Pirimapun?
(a) Yes, they take plenty of guns and ammunition to guard their goods.
(b) No, it is forbidden to take any weapon on the river; the spirit gods will be angry.
(c) Yes, they line their canoes with 40 palmwood bows and hundreds of arrows.
(d) No, they are not worried about attack because they have supplies to trade.

11. How does Don Richardson find a way into the hearts and minds of the tribe?
(a) By having a great sense of humor.
(b) By cooking great meals and making good friends with the elders.
(c) By connecting with their own cultural redemptive analogies.
(d) By paying them large sums of cash.

12. What does the tribe think of treachery and violence?
(a) They are horrified by the concepts and live only peaceful quiet lives.
(b) They don't understand it at all.
(c) They have never heard of treachery and violence.
(d) They honor it as a legendary activity.

13. What time of day does the Richardson family arrive at their new home?
(a) Noon.
(b) Sunset.
(c) Midnight.
(d) Daybreak.

14. Where is Yae's wife, Kautap, cooking as Yae waits to go to Haenam?
(a) At the stove in her government-supplied trailer.
(b) In a small boat floating on the river.
(c) In the summer kitchen which is a separate building out back.
(d) At the central place inside the treehouse.

15. What is the only safe way for a Sawi person to drink water from the river?
(a) To toss each scoop of water in the air and catch it in one's mouth.
(b) The river water must never be drunk. It is full of germs.
(c) To put one's head underwater completely and drink.
(d) To drink it with a straw-like tool made of sago leaves.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do the elders Kigo, Hatu and Numu volunteer to make contact with the Tuans?

2. What is the primary redemptive analogy which Richardson uses to reach the tribal people?

3. Are the Sawi women involved in head hunting?

4. Who is building Richardson's house?

5. What principle does Don Richardson believe God gives him to offer the tribal people?

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