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Don Richardson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What principle does Don Richardson believe God gives him to offer the tribal people?
(a) The principle of redemption.
(b) The principle of capitalism.
(c) The principle of original sin.
(d) The principle of cause and effect.

2. What is unique about the kidari along the Kronkel river?
(a) The kidari is the longest straight stretch of the river.
(b) The kidari has dangerous currents which should be avoided.
(c) The kidari is a waterfall which falls some 500 feet.
(d) The kidari has many types of exotic fish which visit it.

3. What vessel does the Richardson family use to arrive at their new home?
(a) A long dugout canoe.
(b) A speedboat.
(c) A rowboat with diesel motor.
(d) A plane.

4. What does "Tuwi asonai makaerin" mean?
(a) To fatten with friendship.
(b) To give a child in exchange for goods and services.
(c) To bow with deep respect to ones mother in law.
(d) To leave a little on one's plate.

5. What time of day does the Richardson family arrive at their new home?
(a) Noon.
(b) Daybreak.
(c) Midnight.
(d) Sunset.

6. What do the Tuans reportedly have to prevent fever and heal sores?
(a) Antibiotics and oxygen tanks.
(b) Witchcraft called "obat."
(c) Fire breathing guns.
(d) Animal totems.

7. What is the word that Sawi greet one another with?
(a) Aloha!
(b) Konahario!
(c) Alleluia!
(d) Kondahara!

8. Why do the Richardsons go to live in New Guinea?
(a) They think the climate would be good for their health.
(b) They have no choice; they are sent by their families.
(c) They are writing a book on ancient cultures and want to do research.
(d) They feel called to serve God as missionaries.

9. What is the name of the tribe that Don Richardson and his wife Carol live with?
(a) The Soweto tribe.
(b) The Sawi tribe.
(c) The South End tribe.
(d) The Sowanda tribe.

10. Why are the Kayagar men upset with Richardson when he announces his intention to build a home in Sawi territory?
(a) The Kayagar village of Amyam is better at building houses than the Sawi.
(b) The Kayagar people don't want to paddle all the way down the river.
(c) The Kayagar men are afraid of the Sawi and think that Richardson will be killed.
(d) The village of Amyam is desperate to have a Tuan live with them.

11. How is wild boar meat carried out of the jungle?
(a) On a large platter of ironwood, carried on the hunter's head.
(b) In a bamboo box strapped on the hunter's shoulders and head.
(c) In a woven sago frond pack.
(d) In a wheelbarrow.

12. Who is the patriarch of the Tumdu?
(a) Hatu.
(b) Richardson.
(c) Jesus.
(d) Kronkel.

13. What does Richardson build his home with?
(a) Oak, cherry, and walnut.
(b) He brings in a small airstream trailer and sets it on a platform.
(c) Ironwood, split palm bark, mangrove poles and sago fronds.
(d) Parts of an old boat which was moored on the river nearby.

14. How many tribes are in the area of New Guinea?
(a) Only one.
(b) Five distinct tribes and ten which could not be classified.
(c) An estimated four hundred.
(d) Fifteen distinct tribes.

15. What does "Kanggime" mean in the language Dani?
(a) Mission State.
(b) Waiting until the sun comes up.
(c) The place of death.
(d) Land without time.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Kauwan refuse to help Yae escape his terrible fate?

2. Why do the elders Kigo, Hatu and Numu volunteer to make contact with the Tuans?

3. What is the Eren ceremony?

4. What is the name of the sea which the Kronkel river empties into?

5. What does the expression "to fatten with friendship for the slaughter" mean?

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