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Don Richardson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Yae sitting at the beginning of chapter one?
(a) Yae is sitting by the man-made pool in his backyard.
(b) Yae is sitting in his treehouse, forty feet above the Kronkel river.
(c) Yae is sitting in a plane which is on its way to Istanbul.
(d) Yae is sitting in the hospital where his wife is dying in childbirth.

2. What do the Sawi people do when the long poles holding up their homes begin to rot?
(a) They work with their neighbors and replace all the poles.
(b) They move to another location.
(c) They lower their houses to the ground.
(d) They replace them with steel girders.

3. What does Hurip trade to obtain his "kapak," his steel ax?
(a) One of his children.
(b) Many months of work.
(c) Pork, fish and stone-tipped arrows.
(d) Gold and silver.

4. How does Richardson deal with the Kayagar chief, Yae, when the chief begins to speak loudly?
(a) Richardson hits Yae very hard with a pile driver.
(b) Richardson gets the Sawi chief to fight Yae.
(c) Richardson puts his hand on Yae's shoulder and speaks English in a soothing tone.
(d) Richardson gets on his knees and prays loudly for peace.

5. How many tribes are in the area of New Guinea?
(a) An estimated four hundred.
(b) Fifteen distinct tribes.
(c) Five distinct tribes and ten which could not be classified.
(d) Only one.

6. What does the white skin of the Tuans remind the Sawi people of?
(a) A face made of teeth.
(b) New sago flour.
(c) Moonlight on the river.
(d) The mouth of a crocodile.

7. What do the Tuans reportedly have to prevent fever and heal sores?
(a) Antibiotics and oxygen tanks.
(b) Animal totems.
(c) Fire breathing guns.
(d) Witchcraft called "obat."

8. What is the Ironwood Curtain?
(a) It refers to the border of iron which the Sawi people have erected around their territory.
(b) It means passing from the life of easy and plenty, where there is much light, to the darker world of the jungle.
(c) It refers to that curtain which hangs between life and death.
(d) It means passing into the jungle that is full of trees which are called ironwood because of their dense hard wood.

9. How does Don Richardson find a way into the hearts and minds of the tribe?
(a) By cooking great meals and making good friends with the elders.
(b) By paying them large sums of cash.
(c) By connecting with their own cultural redemptive analogies.
(d) By having a great sense of humor.

10. What do Sawi men smoke in their pipes?
(a) Sago leaves.
(b) Tobacco leaves.
(c) Dried mushrooms.
(d) Ground bones of wild boars.

11. When Don Richardson first goes to work with the Sawi people, what foreign nation had claimed that area as its own?
(a) The Americans.
(b) The Netherlands.
(c) The Australians.
(d) The Germans.

12. What does the Richardson family sleep underneath?
(a) The open sky full of stars.
(b) A wooden box.
(c) A crucifix.
(d) A mosquito net.

13. Do the Sawi warriors bring weapons with them to Pirimapun?
(a) Yes, they line their canoes with 40 palmwood bows and hundreds of arrows.
(b) No, they are not worried about attack because they have supplies to trade.
(c) No, it is forbidden to take any weapon on the river; the spirit gods will be angry.
(d) Yes, they take plenty of guns and ammunition to guard their goods.

14. What is Don Richardson feeling as he steps onto the bank of the Kronkel and meets those who are waiting for them?
(a) He is angry at his wife for being so scared.
(b) He is frightened that he may have misread the situation.
(c) He is psyching himself up for the sermon he is going to give.
(d) He is feeling triumphant at having made the voyage.

15. What principle does Don Richardson believe God gives him to offer the tribal people?
(a) The principle of redemption.
(b) The principle of cause and effect.
(c) The principle of capitalism.
(d) The principle of original sin.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the weather like on the day the Richardson family arrives at their new home?

2. What does the high pitched command signal should happen?

3. What does eating flesh for the first time mean to Sawi children?

4. What does Narai do when he sees the arrival of the Richardsons?

5. What do the Tuans give the elders who come out to meet them for the first time?

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