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Don Richardson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 25, Out of the Ancestral Cacoon.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Hadi so important to Don Richardson?
(a) Hadi is the only Sawi who can read.
(b) Richardson feels that somehow Hadi is related to him.
(c) Hadi is blind and Richardson feels very sorry for him.
(d) He is the first Sawi that Richardson has contact with and he speaks several tribal languages.

2. How does Don Richardson find a way into the hearts and minds of the tribe?
(a) By connecting with their own cultural redemptive analogies.
(b) By cooking great meals and making good friends with the elders.
(c) By having a great sense of humor.
(d) By paying them large sums of cash.

3. What are the two new tools Richardson gives the men of Tumdu?
(a) A steel knife and steel machete.
(b) A steel fish gutting machine.
(c) A steel hammer and saw.
(d) A radio and camera.

4. What does Richardson believe is unavoidable in our present world?
(a) Cross-cultural communication.
(b) The end of all we know.
(c) Despair and continual war.
(d) Annihilation and destruction.

5. What do the Sawi people do when the long poles holding up their homes begin to rot?
(a) They lower their houses to the ground.
(b) They work with their neighbors and replace all the poles.
(c) They replace them with steel girders.
(d) They move to another location.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the only safe way for a Sawi person to drink water from the river?

2. Where is Yae's wife, Kautap, cooking as Yae waits to go to Haenam?

3. What does the Sawi expression "hahap kaman" mean?

4. In 1963 who does the Dutch government begin to give control of the Netherlands New Guinea to?

5. In Sawi what does "cool water" mean?

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