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Don Richardson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 21, The Living Dead.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Yae sitting at the beginning of chapter one?
(a) Yae is sitting by the man-made pool in his backyard.
(b) Yae is sitting in the hospital where his wife is dying in childbirth.
(c) Yae is sitting in a plane which is on its way to Istanbul.
(d) Yae is sitting in his treehouse, forty feet above the Kronkel river.

2. What does Richardson feel when he first shakes hands with a Sawi elder?
(a) That the Sawi are very short but quite strong.
(b) That the Sawi will never understand the way of the modern world.
(c) That these people are not to be trusted...ever...
(d) That they are equally human...flesh and

3. What are the two new tools Richardson gives the men of Tumdu?
(a) A radio and camera.
(b) A steel knife and steel machete.
(c) A steel hammer and saw.
(d) A steel fish gutting machine.

4. What is the name of Don and Carol Richardson's second child?
(a) Moses James.
(b) Luke Andrew.
(c) Shannon Douglas.
(d) Donald Paul.

5. Why is Richardson so excited about the peace child ritual?
(a) He is not excited; he thinks it is all very hopeless and sad.
(b) It shows the Sawi people are capable of understanding and practicing peace.
(c) He believes that Christianity must have been introduced to the Sawi long ago.
(d) He thinks it will make a good book.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the Ironwood Curtain?

2. What kind of flour do the Sawi women use to make bread?

3. How does Mavo respond to the protection and kindness which Richardson shows to him?

4. What does Don Richardson interpret the tumult of Sawi activity as?

5. What does the Sawi expression "hahap kaman" mean?

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