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Don Richardson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17, Cool Water Tomorrow.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the primary redemptive analogy which Richardson uses to reach the tribal people?
(a) The tribal ritual of marriage.
(b) The tribal ritual of a "peace child."
(c) The tribal ritual of Jesus and the disciples.
(d) The tribal ritual of "fattening for slaughter."

2. What do Sawi men smoke in their pipes?
(a) Tobacco leaves.
(b) Sago leaves.
(c) Ground bones of wild boars.
(d) Dried mushrooms.

3. How many tribes are in the area of New Guinea?
(a) An estimated four hundred.
(b) Five distinct tribes and ten which could not be classified.
(c) Fifteen distinct tribes.
(d) Only one.

4. What does Richardson conclude has been the reason Sawi people have survived so long?
(a) Their habit of bathing in the river.
(b) Their habit of living in small, isolated groups.
(c) Their habit of aggressive fighting.
(d) Their habit of fishing and hunting.

5. Why is Hadi so important to Don Richardson?
(a) Richardson feels that somehow Hadi is related to him.
(b) Hadi is the only Sawi who can read.
(c) Hadi is blind and Richardson feels very sorry for him.
(d) He is the first Sawi that Richardson has contact with and he speaks several tribal languages.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why must the women, young men and children leave when Yae's skull is cracked open?

2. What time of day does the Richardson family arrive at their new home?

3. How does Richardson deal with the Kayagar chief, Yae, when the chief begins to speak loudly?

4. What does Richardson feel when he first shakes hands with a Sawi elder?

5. Who is waiting at the new homesite when the Richardsons arrive?

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