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Don Richardson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17, Cool Water Tomorrow.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the women do during battle?
(a) The women throw stones and sharp rocks at the enemy.
(b) The women taunt their own men to be more brave.
(c) The women curse and bang their pounding sticks on the ground.
(d) The women shield the children.

2. What flag flies on the deck of the "super canoe"?
(a) The Irian Jaya flag.
(b) The Dutch flag.
(c) The flag of pirates.
(d) The stars and stripes of the United States.

3. What does the high pitched command signal should happen?
(a) It signals that the drums should begin.
(b) It signals that the children should ask for food and water.
(c) It signals that everyone should go home.
(d) It signals that the Richardsons should be attacked and brought down.

4. What does Don Richardson say to the battling warriors?
(a) "No more steel tools unless you stop!"
(b) "Get out of my front yard!"
(c) "Es! That's enough!"
(d) "There is another way!"

5. Who is building Richardson's house?
(a) The Sawi women are the builders of Richardson's home.
(b) Richardson brings in missionaries from all over New Guinea to build.
(c) Kayagar, Atohwaem and Sawi tribes, along with Richardson and McCain build the home.
(d) Richardson builds the home by himself.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the Tuans reportedly have to prevent fever and heal sores?

2. What is "saravon"?

3. What does eating flesh for the first time mean to Sawi children?

4. What does Don Richardson believe the real battle is about?

5. How many pounds does the average wild boar weigh?

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