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Don Richardson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17, Cool Water Tomorrow.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Netherlands New Guinea, or Irian Jaya as it is later called, located in relation to Australia?
(a) It is in Australia, right in the central district.
(b) Directly north of Australia.
(c) It is not near Australia but located near India.
(d) Southwest of Australia.

2. Why do the young boys spread the news that the Richardson family is eating brains?
(a) Because their macaroni supper looks like brains.
(b) Because Richardsons tell the boys this to frighten them.
(c) Because they are lying to get attention.
(d) Because the Richardsons frighten them.

3. What does Narai do when he sees the arrival of the Richardsons?
(a) He shoots a flaming arrow back towards the village.
(b) He sends a warning shot on the new gun that Richardson gave him.
(c) He sends up a flare to the other tribespeople.
(d) He blows a warning signal on his bamboo horn to the other tribespeople.

4. Who stands at the front of the battle, on the front line, so to speak?
(a) The jesters and clowns are sent to the front to distract.
(b) The young teenage boys.
(c) The most experienced warriors.
(d) The women.

5. What does Richardson conclude has been the reason Sawi people have survived so long?
(a) Their habit of aggressive fighting.
(b) Their habit of living in small, isolated groups.
(c) Their habit of bathing in the river.
(d) Their habit of fishing and hunting.

Short Answer Questions

1. What life forms must the Richardson family learn to live with inside their new home?

2. What is Carol Richardson feeling as she steps onto the bank of her new home?

3. What is Don Richardson's first order of business with the Sawi tribe?

4. How many pounds does the average wild boar weigh?

5. What event shatters the air of tension between the tribes on the first day of building?

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