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Don Richardson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11, A Baptism of Strangeness.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does "Tuwi asonai makaerin" mean?
(a) To bow with deep respect to ones mother in law.
(b) To give a child in exchange for goods and services.
(c) To fatten with friendship.
(d) To leave a little on one's plate.

2. What does "Kanggime" mean in the language Dani?
(a) Land without time.
(b) Mission State.
(c) Waiting until the sun comes up.
(d) The place of death.

3. Where is Netherlands New Guinea, or Irian Jaya as it is later called, located in relation to Australia?
(a) Southwest of Australia.
(b) It is not near Australia but located near India.
(c) Directly north of Australia.
(d) It is in Australia, right in the central district.

4. What do the Sawi warriors do when they meet Don Richardson and John McCain for the first time?
(a) They panic, many of them leaping out of the canoes; everyone trembling.
(b) They launch an attack of arrows.
(c) They stand in their canoes completely and totally still.
(d) Most of the warriors faint and have to be revived with camphor.

5. What does the tribe think of treachery and violence?
(a) They are horrified by the concepts and live only peaceful quiet lives.
(b) They have never heard of treachery and violence.
(c) They honor it as a legendary activity.
(d) They don't understand it at all.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Kauwan refuse to help Yae escape his terrible fate?

2. Who is building Richardson's house?

3. What does Hurip trade to obtain his "kapak," his steel ax?

4. What might a visitor in a Sawi village be offered as a snack?

5. How do Don and Carol Richardson travel to New Guinea in 1962?

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