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Don Richardson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11, A Baptism of Strangeness.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Richardson deal with the Kayagar chief, Yae, when the chief begins to speak loudly?
(a) Richardson gets on his knees and prays loudly for peace.
(b) Richardson hits Yae very hard with a pile driver.
(c) Richardson puts his hand on Yae's shoulder and speaks English in a soothing tone.
(d) Richardson gets the Sawi chief to fight Yae.

2. What does Don Richardson interpret the tumult of Sawi activity as?
(a) A dangerous cannibalistic ritual.
(b) The beginning of a violent war between Sawi and Tuan.
(c) A chance to learn the Sawi language.
(d) A baptism into a new and strange world.

3. What do Sawi use to build the floors of their homes?
(a) Split palm tree bark.
(b) Clay from the riverbank.
(c) Shale.
(d) Linoleum.

4. Why does Yae's wife, Kautap, throw his stone ax in the river when she hears that her husband has been murdered?
(a) She doesn't want anyone else to use it.
(b) She is angry at him for going to Haenam.
(c) She believes Yae's spirit will need the ax in the world of the dead.
(d) She is mad with grief.

5. What year do the Richardsons go to New Guinea?
(a) 2008.
(b) 1892.
(c) 1910.
(d) 1962.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the Sawi people believe airplanes are?

2. Where is Yae sitting at the beginning of chapter one?

3. Are the Sawi women involved in head hunting?

4. How many tribes are in the area of New Guinea?

5. What is the most powerful family relationship in Sawi culture?

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