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Don Richardson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7, Through the Ironwood Curtain.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of flour do the Sawi women use to make bread?
(a) Sago flour.
(b) Rice flour.
(c) Whole wheat flour.
(d) Bamboo fiber flour.

2. Who actually completes the murder of Yae?
(a) The women and children of the Haenam village.
(b) His mother-in-law.
(c) He dies of starvation.
(d) The dogs of the village.

3. What does Kauwan say that Yae should have given him in order to truly win his protection?
(a) A peace child.
(b) His own wife.
(c) A gun and sword.
(d) A thousand dollars.

4. What is the Ironwood Curtain?
(a) It refers to that curtain which hangs between life and death.
(b) It means passing into the jungle that is full of trees which are called ironwood because of their dense hard wood.
(c) It refers to the border of iron which the Sawi people have erected around their territory.
(d) It means passing from the life of easy and plenty, where there is much light, to the darker world of the jungle.

5. What might a visitor in a Sawi village be offered as a snack?
(a) Lobster, recently cooked and dipped in butter.
(b) Freshly toasted sago grubs.
(c) Chicken pot pie with carrots and potatoes.
(d) Pudding made from a bear liver.

Short Answer Questions

1. Are the Sawi women involved in head hunting?

2. Where is Yae sitting at the beginning of chapter one?

3. What brings the Sawi villagers to a sudden halt when they hear it for the first time?

4. What does "Tuwi asonai makaerin" mean?

5. Where is Yae's wife, Kautap, cooking as Yae waits to go to Haenam?

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