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Don Richardson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7, Through the Ironwood Curtain.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the woman Anai do when she hears that Yae's jawbone will be given to her?
(a) She promises that she will send it to Yae's wife as an expression of her sympathy.
(b) She takes the bone and grinds it into fine dust and then spreads it atop the river.
(c) She is filled with remorse and grief and refuses to take it.
(d) She cries out in jubilation and dances to celebrate her great honor.

2. What effect does the tide have upon the black, algae-stained Kronkel river?
(a) The tide kills fish and wildlife as water rushes in and floods the area.
(b) The tide sends great cresting waves up the river which create chaos.
(c) The tide sends ocean salmon back to the place they spawned.
(d) The tide reverses the river's current and pushes it back into the swamp.

3. What do the Sawi warriors bring on their first trading mission to Pirimapun?
(a) Guns, ammunition, spears and dynamite.
(b) Sago flour, beetle grubs, lori parrots and chickens.
(c) Pottery made from dark red riverbank clay.
(d) Elaborately carved masks and feather-adorned costumes.

4. What flag flies on the deck of the "super canoe"?
(a) The flag of pirates.
(b) The Irian Jaya flag.
(c) The stars and stripes of the United States.
(d) The Dutch flag.

5. Are the Sawi women involved in head hunting?
(a) Yes, they are very good with spears and often had better aim than their husbands.
(b) Not directly, but they encourage murder and would participate in clubbing to death wounded victims.
(c) Yes, they often lead the charge to the offending village.
(d) The Sawi women are involved only if they are married.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Yae waiting for before he goes to the village of Haenam?

2. What is "saravon"?

3. How many wives does Yae's cousin Wasi have?

4. What is the ancient Sawi custom of "waness"?

5. Why does Kauwan refuse to help Yae escape his terrible fate?

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