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Don Richardson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14, The Tuan Eat Brains.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the most powerful family relationship in Sawi culture?
(a) A mother and her grandmother.
(b) A man and his mother-in-law.
(c) Brother to brother.
(d) A man and his wife.

2. Are the Sawi women involved in head hunting?
(a) Not directly, but they encourage murder and would participate in clubbing to death wounded victims.
(b) Yes, they often lead the charge to the offending village.
(c) The Sawi women are involved only if they are married.
(d) Yes, they are very good with spears and often had better aim than their husbands.

3. Why does Yae's wife, Kautap, throw his stone ax in the river when she hears that her husband has been murdered?
(a) She is mad with grief.
(b) She believes Yae's spirit will need the ax in the world of the dead.
(c) She doesn't want anyone else to use it.
(d) She is angry at him for going to Haenam.

4. Why does Kauwan refuse to help Yae escape his terrible fate?
(a) Kauwan is deaf and cannot hear Yae's cry of fear.
(b) Kauwan has been taken away to the jungle by his family.
(c) Kauwan is Yae's brother and has no power.
(d) Kauwan has been promised a wife by one of the village men.

5. Who actually completes the murder of Yae?
(a) He dies of starvation.
(b) The women and children of the Haenam village.
(c) His mother-in-law.
(d) The dogs of the village.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the ancient Sawi custom of "waness"?

2. What does Richardson feel when he first shakes hands with a Sawi elder?

3. What life forms must the Richardson family learn to live with inside their new home?

4. What does "Tuwi asonai makaerin" mean?

5. What do Sawi people do if twins are born?

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