Daily Lessons for Teaching Peace Child

Don Richardson
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Lesson 1 (from Author's Introduction)


Author's Introduction

Don Richardson travels with his wife Carol to the remote tribes of New Guinea/Irian Jaya. We will begin our study of Peace Child by focusing upon the place that the story takes place. The objective of today's lesson is to introduce the setting of the book.


1) Group discussion: The author includes three maps in the introduction to this book. Just as the author and his family traveled around the world to a place very different from their homeland, so we must begin our study of the book by learning about the setting of the book. Using a world map, locate Australia and then New Guinea. How far is this land from the United States? What is the climate? Where does it sit on the equator? Looking at Map #1 in the introduction, what can the class note about the area that the Sawi...

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