Peace Child Character Descriptions

Don Richardson
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Don Richardson

This person is a missionary who goes to New Guinea, works for many years among the Sawi tribe, and brings a peaceful change to many villages in the area.

Carol Richardson

This individual follows a spouse into the jungles of New Guinea. Despite many fears, this person is willing and ultimately able to raise a family in a very unfamiliar culture and place.


This person is a native Sawi who tries establishing a peaceful treaty with a neighboring village. Tragically, the new friends trick him and eventually murder him.


This individual is a Sawi Legendmaker, as a result of being involved in revenge murders.


This person is a leader of the Kamur village and an early convert and, as a powerful figure in the Sawi community, many others followed his conversion.

Ebenezer Vine

At the Bible college the author attends, this veteran missionary...

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